Effective press release service

To get started you just need to register a free account at MyNewsdesk. When you publish your news on MyNewsdesk, it will also be filed in your press archive on Nordicnet/Largestcompanies.

Your press releases will not only be visible on Nordicnet/Largestcompanies, but will also be distributed to journalists and opinion-makers who have chosen to receive the news feed.

You get:

  • Superior PR service at no additional cost
  • Greater dissemination and better exposure of press releases
  • Unlimited publishing of all press information
  • Distribution via MyNewsdesk
  • Synchronized publishing on Nordicnet/Largestcompanies and MyNewsdesk.com

Are you a customer and want to get started right away?

Please contact MyNewsdesk customer service on +46 644 89 50 if you have any questions.