Powder Technic Ltd Kotka

Powder Technic Ltd Kotka
Alasuutarintie 22
FI-48400 Kotka
Municipality: Kotka
County: Southern Finland
Telephone: +358 (0)52184270
Fax: +358 (0)52184290

Company description

In 1989 established Powder Technic Ltd is an expert of powder handling , who has specialized in design and manufacturing of automated raw material handling equipment and process systems for food industry and bakeries. We can offer our products at very attractive prices, because our products have not been through multiple mark-ups by middlemen. Our sales personnel and engineers at technical support have expert knowledge of our products' features and limitations. Therefore we can offer our customers the best possible support for our products. Our product line contains all the essential powder handling products from stand-alone products to fully automated, recipe-controlled dosing systems.

Company info

E-mail: Email
Business ID:0750334-8
VAT No :FI07503348
Turnover (×1000):2,782


Chairman of the board:Jukka Kousa
Marketing: Access required
Finances: Access required
Production: Access required
Technology: Access required
Purchases: Access required

Products and services

Additive scales

Big-bag emptiers

Big-bag fillers


Dosing feeders

Dosing feeders for chemical industry

Dosing feeders for food industry

Dosing feeders for lime

Dosing feeders for the plastics industry

Dust filters

Liquid treatment modules

Packing machines

Powder handling equipment

Sack fillers, open sacks

Screw conveyors

Sieve machines


Silo discharge gears

Silo scales


Technical consulting services

Technical information

Weighing scales

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