Impex Produkter AS

Impex Produkter AS
Gamle Drammensvei 107
NO-1363 Høvik
Municipality: Barum
County: Akershus
Telephone: +47 22327720
Fax: +47 22327725

Company description

Salg av elektroniske måleinstrumenter og målesystemer for industri og matvarer.

Company info

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Business ID:939 532 129
Subsidiary company to:Tosra AS
Turnover (×1000):10,273


Chairman of the board:Tor Sigurd Rande
CEO:Tor Sigurd Rande
Marketing: Access required
Finances: Access required
Production: Access required
Technology: Access required
Purchases: Access required
Personnel: Access required

Products and services

Air flowmeters


Ammonium meters

Amplitude measuring equipment

Analog recorders

Analytic chemicals

Analytical equipment

Analytical scales



Atmospheric humidity detectors


Beam scales

Brewing machinery

Cable detectors

Cable fault finder

Cable locators

Cable testers

Calibration devices

Calibration instruments

Calibration standards

Calibration systems

Capacitance meters

Carbon dioxide meters

Carbon monoxide meters

Carbonation meters

Chemical engineering industry machinery


Chlorine gas measuring equipment

Coating thickness meters

COD analysis


Colour monitoring systems

Colour-determination apparatus

Compressed air instruments

Computer environmental controls

Concentration meters

Conductivity meters

Conductivity sensors

Contact thermometers

Crane scales

Data loggers

Decade resistors

Dew point meters

Differential pressure meters

Differential pressure sensors

Digital panel instrumentation

Digital thermometers

Drain-cleaning facilities


Durometers for plastic

Durometers for rubber

Dust meters

Electrical instruments

Electrical network analyses

Electrical power station equipment

Electricity meters

Electronic control and automation

Electronic measurement equipment

Emission measuring equipment

Energy meters

Environmental analytical devices, gas

Environmental analytical devices, liquids

Environmental engineering devices

Environmental monitoring instruments

Exhaust analyzers

Floor scales

Flue gas analyzers

Furniture industry measuring instrument

Gas analyzers

Gas meters

Geotechnical instruments


Ground resistance meters

Ground-fault testers

Grounding rods

Heat flowmeters

High-voltage testers


Illumination testers

Impedance meters

Indicating instruments

Industrial scales

Industrial test equipment

Industrial weighing

Infrared cameras

Infrared detectors

Infrared meters

Infrared radiators

Infrared thermometers

Inspection instrumentation

Instrumentation for waterworks equipment

Insulation testing equipment

Internal combustion engine measurement equipment


IR pyrometers

Laboratory instrumentation

Laboratory machines

Laboratory scales

Laser instrumentation

Laser measuring equipment

Laser thermometers

Leak alarms

Leakage detectors

Light meters

Light reading

Line printers

Liquid analyzers

Liquid process analysis devices


Machinery for grocery industry


Materials testing devices

Measurement and control equipment for extruding

Measurement collection systems

Measurement electronics

Measurement equipment for process industry

Measuring electrodes

Measuring equipment and controls for engineering industry

Measuring equipment for plastic pipes

Measuring equipment for printing

Measuring instruments

Measuring instruments for geophysics

Measuring instruments for groceries

Measuring instruments for steel industry

Measuring instruments for x-ray and radiation treatment

Measuring stands

Measuring tools

Measuring wheels

Metering equipment

Micro scales

Mobile scales

Moisture content meters

Motor measuring equipment

Noise level meters

Ohm meters

Oil analyses

Oil-in-water and water-in-oil meters

Optical instruments

Optical measuring instruments

Oxygen meters

Pallet scales

Person scales

pH electrodes

pH sensors


Pocket scales

Point printers

Power factor meters

Power meters

Power supplies testers

Power supply equipment

Precision balances

Pressure gauges

Pressure sensors

Pressure testing equipment


Printing instruments

Processing instrumentation

Production equipment for electronics industry

Properties of materials measuring equipment

Protocol analyzers

Radiation detectors


Reading instruments

Recording instrumentation

Redox meters

Remote measurement equipment

Residual oxygen meters

Resistance decades

Resistance thermometers


RPM meters

Scientific instrumentation

Screw scales

Service and repair of measuring instruments

Smoke analysis apparatus

Sound detectors

Sound level meters



Spring scales

Steam engineering instruments

Surface layer measurement equipment

Surface tensiometers

Table scales

Temperature calibrators

Temperature detectors

Temperature meter

Temperature monitoring devices

Temperature monitoring systems

Temperature recorders

Temperature regulators

Temperature relays

Temperature sensors

Temperature standards

Temperature transmitters

Test instrumentation

Thermal analysis equipment

Thermal measuring instruments

Thermal printers

Thermoelectric equipment

Thermoelectric pyrometers

Thickness gauges

TOC analyzers

Transient recording equipment

Trip meters


UV meters

Vacuum meters

Vehicle measurement equipment

Water activity meters

Water analyses

Water analysis apparatus

Water meters

Water-quality meters

Weighing scales

Wireless measuring instruments

Wood industry measuring instruments


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atp måler



Company type


Wholesaler/ Distributor