IT Instrument Teknik AB
Norra Obbolavägen 115
SE-904 22 Umeå
Municipality: Umea
County: Västerbotten County
Telephone: +46 (0)90-7861800
Fax: +46 (0)90-141285

Company description

Instrumentföretag för industri, forskning och handel. Ett av branschens bredaste sortiment inom instrumentering för laboratorie-, process-, streckkods- och vägningsteknik.

Company info

E-mail: Email
Business ID:556466-9959
VAT No :SE556466995901
Subsidiary company to:KM Tvätten AB
Turnover (×1000) SEK:18,023
Number of employees:10


Chairman of the board:Nils Martin Morin
CEO:Rolf Thomas Westerlund
Marketing: Access required
Technology: Access required

Sales offices

Västerås, 021-30 29 28

Products and services

Additive scales

Analog multimeters

Analog transmitters

Analysis equipment for hematology

Analytical equipment

Analytical equipment for clinical chemistry

Analytical scales


Area weight balances

Automatic pipettes

Automatic scales

Bar-code equipment

Bar-code printers

Bar-code readers

Battery charge indicators

Cable assemblies

Cable fault finder

Cable harnesses

Calibration instruments


Cement scales



Chemical apparatuses

Chiller thermostats

Clip-on ammeters

Colour ribbons

Communications radio antennas

Concentration meters

Conductivity meters

Conductivity sensors

Contact thermometers

Container scales

Conveyor scales

Copying paper

Counting scales

Crane scales

Cryo vessels

Database software

Date stamp apparatus

Density meters

Differential scales

Digital multimeters

Digital oscilloscopes

Digital thermometers

Dispensing equipment

Dosing feeders

Dye pumps

Electrical instruments

Electronic scales

Environmental monitoring instruments

Ex scales

Field buses

Floor scales


Freight car scales



Handheld computers

Handheld scanners

Hanging scales

Harmonic analyzers

Heating furnaces

High-temperature stoves

Humidity sensors

Hydraulic scales

Identification systems



Industrial display screens

Industrial scales

Industrial terminals

Industrial test equipment

Industry-specific application programs, processing industry

Infrared meters

Infrared thermometers

Inkjet printers

Insulation testers

Ion meters


Label overprinting machines with computer printer

Label printers

Labelling machines

Labelling systems


Laboratory equipment

Laboratory instrumentation

Laboratory software

LAN analyzers

Laser machines

Laser thermometers

LF meters

Light meters

Load cells

Loader scales

Maintenance systems

Marking apparatus

Materials testing devices, metal

Materials testing devices, packaging

Materials testing devices, paper/board

Materials testing devices, plastics/rubber

Measurement equipment for process industry

Measuring equipment and controls for engineering industry

Measuring instruments

Measuring instruments for geophysics

Measuring instruments for groceries

Measuring instruments for steel industry

Measuring technology

Memory oscilloscopes

Micro scales

Mobile scales

Moisture content meters

Moisture content scales

Non-automatic scales

Oil baths

Optical instruments

Overload protectors

Oxygen meters

Pallet label applicators

Pallet scales

Paper labels

Particle meters

Person scales

pH electrodes

Pipette fillers

Pipette racks



Pipetting aids

Portable computers

Postal scales

Power analyzers

Power meters

Power output meters

Pre-pricing apparatus

Pressure gauges

Pressure sensors

Price marking scales

Process analyzers

Processing instrumentation

Protocol analyzers


Radio modems

Railway scales


Redox electrodes

Refrigeration plants

Rental of measuring instruments

Reserve power equipment

RFID tags

Roller-type conveyor balances

Rugged PCs


Scientific instrumentation

Screen computers

Screw scales

Service and repair of electronics

Service and repair of measuring instruments

Short-haul modems


Signal analyzers

Slot sensors

Special batteries


Spring scales

Surface layer measurement equipment

Table scales

Temperature calibrators

Temperature meter

Temperature sensors

Terminal control units

Thermal printers

Thermal transfer foil

Thermal transfer printers

Thin clients

Titration equipment

Troubleshooting equipment

Truck scales


Uninterruptible power supplies

UPS batteries

Vacuum meters

Vacuum pumps

Vehicle control systems


Visibility meters


Warehouse management

Warming cabinets

Water analysis apparatus

Water baths

Water samplers

Weighing instrumentation

Weighing scales

Weighing systems

Weight indicators

Weight sensors

Wireless communication

Wireless scanners

Alternate keywords

NIR Instrument


Company type


Fiscal year 202012
Number of months: 12
Turnover: 18,023
Financial expenses: 106
Earnings before taxes: 992
Total assets: 8,086
Current assets: 8,021
Current liabilities: 6,660
Equity capital: 1,372
Share capital: 211
Number of employees: 10

Financial ratios

Solvency: 17.0%
Turnover per employee: 1,802
Profitability: 5.5%
Return on equity (ROE): 72.3%
Current ratio: 120.4%
Return on assets (ROA): 13.6%