Grand Micro Electronics Sweden AB

Grand Micro Electronics Sweden AB
Moa Martinsons Gata 17
SE-632 28 Eskilstuna
Municipality: Eskilstuna
County: Södermanland County
Telephone: +46 (0)70-5360078

Company description

Global distribution av elektronikkomponenter med tillbehör för både den civila och militära elektronikindustrin.

Company info

E-mail: Email
Business ID:556827-1646
VAT No :SE556827164601
Subsidiary company to:Grand Micro Electronics Inc
Turnover (×1000) SEK:45,459
Number of employees:1


CEO:Satu Gemmel
Technology: Access required
Purchases: Access required

Sales offices

Sverige, Eskilstuna +46 (0)70-5360078 satu@grandmicroelectronics.com

Sverige, Täby + 46 (0)8 792 61 70 info@masterelectronic.se

USA, Boca Raton +1 561 859 0720 jaana@grandmicroelectronics.com

Products and services

7-segment LED displays

AC/AC converters


AC/DC converters

Active filters

A/D converters

Adapter connectors


Air capacitors

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors

Analog circuits

Analog logarithmic transducers

Analog matrices

Analog/pneumatic transducers

Analog/pulse transducers

Antenna filters

Antenna masts

Antenna systems


Anti-interference capacitors

Appliance plugs

Armatures relays

Assembly holders

Audio circuits

Audio connectors

Auto antenna connectors

Automatic fuses

Automotive electricity

Automotive fuses

Auxiliary relays

Avalanche diodes

Band-pass filters

Band-reject filters

Battery clamps

Battery connections

Battery connectors

Battery holders

BCD/HEX switches

Bimetal thermostats

Bimetallic switches

Bipolar transistors

Blinker relays

Buffer memories for printers

Built-in power supplies

Cable bearers

Cable clamps

Cable connectors

Cable fittings

Cable shoes

Cable ties

Cable tools

Cable trunkings

Capacitance diodes


Carbon potentiometers

Carbon resistors

Cell-based circuits

Centrifugal clutches

Ceramic capacitors

Ceramic choke coil forms

Ceramic fuses

Chassi connectors

Chip capacitors

Choke coils

Circuit board connectors

Circuit board holders

Circuit board relays

Circuit board switches

Circuit board transformers

Circuit breakers

Circuit-breaker circuits



Clamp connectors

Clock crystals

Clock oscillators

Coaxial connectors

Coaxial relays

Code transmitters


Colour decoder circuits

Communications circuits

Comparator circuits


Component holders

Computer memories

Conductor joints for fibre optics

Connector clamps


Connectors for equipment connection

Connectors for military use

Connectors for printed circuits

Constant-current diodes

Constant-voltage units

Contact boxes

Contact jacks

Contact protectors

Contact rails


Control relays

Cooler elements

Cooler elements, semiconductor

Cooling flanges

Counter circuits

Coupling probes


Crocodile clips

Cross-over networks

Crystal holders

Crystal oscillators


Current relays

Current-limiting fuses

D/A converters

DC drives

DC/AC converters

DC/DC converters

Decade resistors

Decoupling capacitors

Delay fuses

Delay lines

Delay relays

Demodulator circuits

Diac diodes

Differential relays

Differential transformers

Digital circuits

Digital displays

Digital signal processors

Dim glowing lamps

Diode capsules

Diode holders

Diode mounting parts

DIP switches

Display screens


Disturbance elimination ferrites

Dolby noise-reduction circuits

Drive circuits

D-sub contacts

Electric control units

Electrical sensors

Electro-chemical relays

Electrolytic capacitors


Electromechanical components

Electronic buzzers

Electronic components


Electrostatic precipitators

EMC filters

EMC technology

EMI filters

Enclosures for electronics


Error current relays

European standard connectors

Expanded polystyrene film

External power supplies

Feed cable connectors

Ferrite cores


Ferrule connectors

Fibre connectors

Fibre tools

Fibre-optic couplers

Fibre-optic inspection tools

Fibre-optic jacks

Fibre-optic relays


Field-effect transistors

Film capacitors

Filter chokes

Fire alarms

Fire detectors

Fire-protection for computers

Fixed resistors

Flameproof resistors


Flat cable connectors

Flat prong connectors

Flexible connectors

Focusing coils

Fork sensors

Frequency changers

Frequency converters

Frequency filters

Frequency multipliers

Frequency-voltage converters

Function circuits

Function generator circuits

Fuse cabinets

Fuse materials

Fuse panels



Fusing equipment

Gas detectors

Gate gratings

Germanium diodes

Germanium transistors

Glass capacitors

Glass tube fuses

Graphics processors

Grommet capacitors

Grounded power connectors

Grounded power connectors with filter

Gunn diodes

Hall effect components

Heat detectors

Hermetic capacitors

Hermetic connectors

Hermetically sealed relays

HF chokes

High-capacity capacitors

High-current switches

High-frequency chokes

High-frequency circuits

High-frequency components

High-frequency relays

High-frequency resistors

High-ohm resistors

High-pass filters

High-voltage capacitors

High-voltage connectors

High-voltage diodes

High-voltage fuses

High-voltage materials

High-voltage relays

High-voltage resistors

High-voltage transformers

Holding circuits

Hybrid circuits

IC holders

IMPATT diodes

In-circuit emulators

Indicator lamps

Inductance coils

Inductive components

Inductive heating choke coils


Industrial relays

Industrial switches

Infrared detectors

Infrared diodes

Infrared radiators

Infrared transistors

Input transformers

Insulated gate bipolar transistors

Integrated circuits

Interface circuits

International standard power connectors

I/P transducers

Isolating circuits

Isolating transformers


Key switches

Keyboard switches

Knife fuses

Laboratory plugs

Laboratory receptacles


Laser diodes

LC oscillators

LCD displays

LCD screens

LED holders

LED lamps

LED lighting

LED mounting parts

Level switches

LF chokes

Light guides for LEDs

Light relays

Light-emitting diodes

Lightning conductors

Light-sensitive resistors

Limit switches

Line transformers

Linear power supplies

Load switches

Loading resistors

Lockable switches

Logic circuits

Loudspeaker connectors

Low-frequency amplifier circuits

Low-frequency circuits

Low-frequency power amplifier circuits

Low-leakage diodes

Low-pass filters

Low-voltage materials

Magnetic switches

Matching transformers

Material for electrical installation

Materials kits

Measurement transformers

Medium-frequency circuits

Membrane keyboards

Membrane switches

Membranes push buttons

Memory modules

Metal film resistors

Metallized polyester capacitors

Mica capacitors

Micro contacts

Micro scales

Micro switches

Microcontrol circuits

Microphone connectors

Microphone transformers


Microwave antennas

Microwave attenuators

Microwave components

Microwave couplers

Microwave equipment

Microwave equipment isolators

Microwave filters

Micro-wave oscillators

Microwave semiconductors

Microwave transformers

Microwave transistors

Middle-frequency transformers

Mid-frequency filters

Miniature connectors

Miniature fuses

Miniature relays

Miniature switches

Mixer amplifiers

Mixer diodes

Modem circuits

Modulation circuits

Modulation connectors


Motor drive circuits

Motor equipment

Motor protection switches

Motor speed control circuits

Mounting fixtures for transistors

Multiplexer circuits

Multiplying circuits

Multi-pole connectors

Network interference filters

Network switches

Notch coils

Oil-filled capacitors

Operating relays

Operational amplifiers

Optical components

Optical gauges

Optical semiconductors

Optical semiconductors, alphanumeric displays



Oscillator circuits


Overvoltage protection

Overvoltage protection for control systems

PAL circuits

Paper capacitors

Peripheral circuits for microprocessors

Phase converters

Phase switches

Photo transistors

Photocell relays


Piezo buzzers

Piezoelectric crystals

Piezoelectric materials

PIN diodes

Plastic film capacitors

Plug contacts

Pole clamps

Pole screws

Polycarbonate capacitors

Polyester capacitors

Polypropylene capacitors


Power component connectors

Power connectors

Power connectors, multiway sockets

Power diodes

Power limiters

Power modules

Power MOS transistors

Power relays

Power resistors

Power switches

Power transistors

Powerline transformers

Precision fuses

Precision potentiometers

Precision resistors

Pressure indicators

Pressure pulse switches

Pressure regulators

Pressure switches

Printed board assemblies

Printed circuit card clamps

Printed circuit card fixtures

Printed circuit card rails

Printed wiring board

Printer memory expansion

Processor crystals

Programmable gate matrices

Programmable logic devices

Prototype circuit board switches


Proximity relays, clearance relays

Proximity switches

Pug mills

Pulse oscillators

Pulse relays

Pulse transformers

Pulse with modulation circuits

Push-button switches

Quick connectors

Radio amplifier circuits

Radio crystals

RAM memory units for Macintosh

RAM memory units for PC

RC oscillators

R/D converters

Read and write memories

Read-only memories

Rectifier bridges

Rectifier diodes

Rectifier transformers


Reed elements

Reed relays

Relay boxes

Relay holders

Relay sockets


Remote control circuits

Resetting fuses

Resistance networks

Resistor materials

Resistor trimmers


RF power amplifiers


Ring-core transformers

RISC processors

RMS/DC converters

Rotary capacitors

Rotary switches

Safety resistors

Safety switches

Sample and hold circuits

Schottky diodes

Selenium diodes

Semiconductor components

Semiconductor delay lines

Semiconductor diodes

Semiconductor displays

Semiconductor fuses

Semiconductor rectifiers

Semiconductor relays


Series control power supplies

Shorting bars

Shrink caps

Shrinking tubing

Shunt resistors

Signal diodes

Signal lamps

Silicon carbide

Silicon diodes

Single-pole connectors

Single-pole relays

Small signal transistors

Smart power logic

Smoke detectors

Solenoid circuits


Special antennas

Special fans

Speech circuits

Stabilized DC power supplies

Stacked displays

Standard fuses

Starting capacitors

Stereo decoder circuits

Stripping tools for fibre optics

Stylus plugs and sockets

Subminiature switches

Switch chokes

Switch diodes

Switches with display

Switchgear clamps

Switching voltage regulators

Switch-mode power supplies

Synchronizing processor circuits

Tag strips

Tantalum capacitors

Tantalum electrolytic capacitors

Telegraph relays

Telephone circuits

Telephone plugs and jacks

Telephone relays

Temperature detectors

Temperature sensors

Temperature-dependent resistors

Temperature-sensitive switches

Terminal blocks

Termination boxes

Test clips

Text decoding circuits

TFT displays

Thermal fuses

Thermistor holders

Thermostatic switches


Thick and thin film circuits

Thick film resistors

Thin film capacitors

Thin film circuits

Thin film diodes

Thin film resistors

Thin film transistors

Thumb switches

Thyristor rectifiers


Timer circuits

Toggle switches

Tone control circuits

Tone decoder circuits

Tone frequency oscillators

Tool fuses

Touch panels


Transformer cores


Transient distortion

Transient protection diodes

Transient shielding

Transistor capsules

Transistor holders

Transistor relays



Trimming capacitors

Trimming potentiometers

Tube holders

Tubular diodes

Tuning capacitors

Tuning coils

Tuning fork oscillators

Tunnel diodes

Ultra fast fuses

Ultra-short wave antennas

Underwater connectors

Ungrounded power connectors

Unijunction transistors

Universal couplings

Universal relays



Vehicle displays

Vehicle instrument panel electronics

Vertical linearization circuits

Video chokes

Video connectors

Voice synthesis circuits

Voltage and potential transformers

Voltage changers

Voltage regulator circuits

Voltage relays

Voltage-controlled low-frequency circuits

Voltage-controlled oscillator circuits

Voltage-controlled rectifiers

Voltage-frequency converters

Watertight connectors


Wheel clamps

Winding cores

Wirewound resistors

Zener diodes

Zero voltage control circuits

Zero voltage switching circuits

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Company type


Wholesaler/ Distributor


Fiscal year 202204
Number of months: 12
Turnover: 45,459
Financial expenses: 1
Earnings before taxes: 7,303
Total assets: 17,272
Current assets: 17,272
Current liabilities: 8,877
Equity capital: 8,242
Share capital: 50
Number of employees: 1

Financial ratios

Solvency: 47.7%
Turnover per employee: 45,459
Profitability: 16.1%
Return on equity (ROE): 88.6%
Current ratio: 194.6%
Return on assets (ROA): 42.3%