Fosieplast AB
Företagsvägen 27
SE-232 37 Arlöv
Municipality: Burlov
County: Skåne County
Telephone: +46 (0)763390851

Company description

Glassfiber reinforced products for industrial purposes. Tanks with rectangular shapes. Filters. non electric leading cableladders in glasfiber. Art & Design. Sandwichconstructions in GRP and Divinycell.

Company info

E-mail: Email
Business ID:556772-9578
VAT No :SE556772957801
Subsidiary company to:Fosieplast Förvaltning AB
Turnover (×1000):9,790
Number of employees:8


Chairman of the board:Conny Svensson
CEO:Conny Svensson
Production: Access required
Technology: Access required

Products and services

Acid-proof tanks

Animal transport wagons

Artistic decoration

Automotive industry parts

Bridge beams

Bulk transports

Cable ducts

Cable groovers

Cable ladders

Cable trays

Car fittings



Concrete beams

Connecting bands

Continuous glass fibre mats

Core material for sandwich structures

Design lighting

Designer furniture

Drain-cleaning facilities

Filter tubes

Filtering plants

Filters for non-stop filtration


Flue gas cleaners

Garden sculptures

Glass fibre

Glass fibre boxes

Glass fibre fabric

Glass fibre filters

Glass fibre ladders and steps

Glass fibre laminates

Glass fibre panels

Glass fibre reinforcements

Glass fibre stave

Glass fibre tanks

Glass fibre tubes

Glass reinforced polyester

Glass reinforced polyester panels

Glass reinforced polyester structures

Glass reinforced polyester tanks

Glulam beams

Grease filters

GRP pipe fittings

GRP pipes

GRP profiles


Highway guardrails

Hollow beams

Industry filters

Inspection covers

Interior fittings for boats


Lightweight beams

Machine guards

Mechanical construction and manufacturing

Oil separators

Packing balks

Plastic industrial caps

Plastic prototypes

Plastic reservoirs

Plastic structural constitutions

Plastic tanks, minimum 250 liters

Plastic transport containers, minimum 250 l


Polyester resins

Polyvinyl ester

Protective hoods

Pultrusioned profiles


Reinforced plastics


Resin transfer moulding

Rewinding filters

Sandwich element, AP/PUR

Sandwich elements, AP/EXP

Sandwich elements, AP/PVC

Sandwich laminates

Sandwich structure materials

Sandwich structures

Sculptured furniture

Separators for plastics industry

Septic tanks

Sheet laminates, polyester/glass

Shipping casks


Sludge filters

Sludge separators

Smoke filters

Steel beams

Storage tanks

Synthetic and plastic coatings

Tank farms

Transport services

Tube systems

Unsaturated polyesters

Waste oil tanks

Water filters

Water tanks

Wooden beams

Alternate keywords

GAP stege

Glasfiber kabelstege

Husbil för hästar


Hästtransport fordon


konst och design

media balk


pultruderad profil

rektangulära tankar

specialtank i glasfiber

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