Conductix-Wampfler AB
Box 7214
SE-187 13 Täby
Visiting address:
Tumstocksvägen 17
SE-187 66 Täby
Municipality: Taby
County: Stockholm County
Telephone: +46 (0)8-6301290
Fax: +46 (0)8-6301291

Company description

Bolaget skall marknadsföra elektriska och mekaniska komponenter för rörliga maskiner, verktyg, telfrar och traverser och därmed förenlig verksamhet.

Company info

E-mail: Email
Business ID:556479-4831
VAT No :SE556479483101
Subsidiary company to:Conductix-Wampfler Gmbh
Turnover (×1000) SEK:63,135
Number of employees:9


Chairman of the board:Francois Bernès
CEO:Karl Anders Peter Wikström
Technology: Access required

Products and services

Balancing blocks


Cable chains

Cable connectors

Cable drums

Cable fittings

Cable grommets

Cable trolleys

Cable winders

Cellular plastic buffers


Contact rails

Control units

Copper cable


Flexible cable

Hoisting cranes

Hose winders

Induction hardening

Induction heating equipment

Inductive components

Inductive flowmeters

Inductive heating choke coils

Inductive sensors

Industrial supplies

Marine cable

Materials handling equipment

Motorized cable reels

Power rails

Round cable

Rubber buffers

Rubber cable

Shielded cable

Signal cable

Silicone cable

Slewing cranes

Slip-ring fixtures

Special cable

Spring-driven cable reels

TP cable (twisted pair)

Underwater cable

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Fiscal year 202212
Number of months: 12
Turnover: 63,135
Financial expenses: 0
Earnings before taxes: 7,075
Total assets: 17,003
Current assets: 17,003
Current liabilities: 11,487
Equity capital: 5,516
Share capital: 300
Number of employees: 9

Financial ratios

Solvency: 32.4%
Turnover per employee: 7,015
Profitability: 11.2%
Return on equity (ROE): 128.3%
Current ratio: 148.0%
Return on assets (ROA): 41.6%