Berghems Väveri AB
Bäckängsvägen 9
SE-511 96 Berghem
Municipality: Mark
County: Västra Götaland County
Telephone: +46 (0)320-41004
Fax: +46 (0)320-41279

Company description

Egenproduktion vävnader.

Company info

Business ID:556056-5698
VAT No :SE556056569801
Turnover (×1000) SEK:5,051
Number of employees:4


CEO:Lennart Ericsson
Finances: Access required
Technology: Access required

Products and services

Furniture textiles

Load-bearing fabrics

Technical textiles

Alternate keywords

hängande textil

tryckta tyger


Company type


Fiscal year 202308
Number of months: 12
Turnover: 5,051
Financial expenses: 11
Earnings before taxes: 774
Total assets: 8,407
Current assets: 8,336
Current liabilities: 526
Equity capital: 6,931
Share capital: 300
Number of employees: 4

Financial ratios

Solvency: 82.4%
Turnover per employee: 1,263
Profitability: 15.3%
Return on equity (ROE): 11.2%
Current ratio: 1.584.8%
Return on assets (ROA): 9.3%