Bejoken AB
Box 9503 Travbanegatan 2
SE-200 39 Malmö
Visiting address:
Travbanegatan 2
SE-213 77 Malmö
Municipality: Malmo
County: Skåne County
Telephone: +46 (0)40-227800
Fax: +46 (0)40-949900

Company description

Elektronikkomponenter för industriproduktion.

Company info

E-mail: Email
Business ID:556173-8989
VAT No :SE556173898901
Turnover (×1000) SEK:88,594
Number of employees:22


Chairman of the board:Kent Nils-Erik Ekholm
CEO:Inger Petra Nordström
Marketing: Access required
Technology: Access required
Purchases: Access required

Sales offices

Sverige, Sundsvall, 060-171321

Products and services

A/D converters

Adapter connectors


Adjustable transformers

Alarm sirens

Alarm system components

Alkali batteries

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors


Analog multimeters

Analog panel instrumentation

Anti-interference capacitors

Assembly holders

Audio cable

Audio connectors

Auto antenna connectors

Automatic fuses

Automatic switching devices

Battery chargers

Battery clamps

Battery connectors

Battery eliminators

Binder cable

Bipolar transistors

Built-in power supplies


Cable assemblies

Cable harnesses

Cable insulating tubing, mechanical protection

Cable shoes

Cable testers

Capacitance diodes

Capacitance meters


Carbon potentiometers

Ceramic capacitors

Ceramic choke coil forms

Charging devices

Chassi connectors


Choke coils

Circuit board connectors

Circuit board holders

Circuit board relays

Clamp connectors

Cleaning and drying rags

Cleaning fluids

Cleaning sprays

Clock crystals

Coaxial cable

Coaxial connectors

Communications circuits

Comparator circuits

Component holders

Conductor joints for fibre optics

Connector wire


Connectors for military use

Constant-current diodes

Contact boxes

Contact cleaning compounds

Contact compound

Contact protectors

Cooling flanges

Cooling liquids

Copper wire

Counter circuits

Coupling probes


Crocodile clips

Crystal holders

Crystal oscillators


D/A converters

DC/DC converters

Decoupling capacitors

Delay fuses

Diac diodes

Digital multimeters

Diode mounting parts

DIP switches

Disturbance elimination ferrites

Dolby noise-reduction circuits

Economizer transformers

Electromechanical components

Electronic buzzers

Electronic components

Electronic enclosures

Electronics consulting services

Electronics contract manufacturing

Equipment boxes

Equipment cabinets

Equipment cable

European standard connectors

External power supplies

FDDI equipment

Feed cable connectors

Ferrite cores

Fibre connectors

Fibre-optic cable

Fibre-optic communication systems

Fibre-optic couplers

Fibre-optic detectors


Field-effect transistors

Film capacitors

Filter chokes

Flameproof resistors

Flat cable

Flat cable connectors

Flat prong connectors

Fork sensors

Frequency changers

Frequency converters

Frequency meters


Germanium diodes

Germanium transistors

Glass tube fuses

Grounded power connectors

Grounded power connectors with filter

Hermetic connectors

Hermetically sealed relays

HF chokes

High-capacity capacitors

High-current switches

High-frequency cable

High-frequency chokes

High-frequency resistors

High-voltage cable

High-voltage capacitors

High-voltage connectors

High-voltage diodes

High-voltage installation cable

Impedance meters

Inductive heating choke coils


Industrial relays

Industrial switches

Input transformers

Instrument batteries

Insulating spray

Interface testers, breakout boxes

Interference protection transformers

International standard power connectors

Iron powder cores

Isolating transformers


Laboratory cable

Laboratory plugs

Laboratory receptacles


LCD displays

Lead batteries

LED holders

LED lamps

LF chokes

Light-emitting diodes

Light-sensitive resistors

Line transformers

Linear power supplies

Lithium batteries


Loudspeaker connectors

Low-frequency circuits

Low-leakage diodes

Low-voltage cable

Low-voltage installation cable

Magnetic contacts

Manganese oxide batteries

Marking signs

Mercury oxide batteries

Metal film resistors

Micro switches

Microphone connectors


Microwave transistors

Military electronics

Miniature fuses

Miniature relays

Miniature storage batteries

Mixer diodes

Modem circuits

Motor drive circuits

Mounting fixtures for transistors


Multiplexer circuits

Multiplying circuits

Multi-pole connectors

Network cable

Network interference filters

Network switches

Nickel cadmium batteries

Notch coils

Ohm meters

Operational amplifiers

Optical semiconductors

Optical semiconductors, alphanumeric displays


Oscillator circuits

Oscilloscopes accessories

Overvoltage protection

Panel lamps

Paper capacitors

Photo transistors

Piezo buzzers

PIN diodes

Plastic film capacitors

Pole clamps

Pole screws

Polycarbonate capacitors

Polypropylene capacitors


Power connectors, multiway sockets

Power diodes

Power relays

Power resistors

Power transistors

Powerline transformers

Precision potentiometers

Precision resistors

Precision scales

Pressure switches

Printed circuit card fixtures

Processor crystals

Programmable logic devices

Protective lacquers

Protective transformers

Push-button switches

Rectifier diodes


Reed relays

Regulating transformers

Relay holders

Relay sockets


Reserve power equipment

Resistance networks



Ring-core transformers

Rotary capacitors

Rotary switches

Rubber feet

Running time meters

Scale illumination

Schottky diodes

Sealing materials

Semiconductor diodes

Semiconductor relays

Shielded multiconductors

Shorting bars

Shrink caps

Signal generators

Signal lamps

Silicon diodes

Silicone oil

Silver oxide batteries

Small signal transistors

Smart power logic

Solder suckers and desoldering braid

Soldering guns

Soldering irons

Soldering machines

Soldering pens

Special fans


Standard fuses

Stationary batteries

Storage batteries

Stylus plugs and sockets

Switch chokes

Switch diodes

Switching voltage regulators

Switch-mode power supplies

Tantalum electrolytic capacitors

Telephone circuits

Telephone plugs and jacks

Temperature-dependent resistors

Test clips

Thick film resistors

Thin film capacitors

Thin film diodes

Thin film resistors

Thin film transistors

Thumb switches


Time relays

Timer circuits


Toggle switches

Tone control circuits

Transformer cores


Transient protection diodes

Transient shielding

Transistor batteries

Transistor holders



Trimming capacitors

Trimming potentiometers

Tuning capacitors

Tunnel diodes

Unijunction transistors

Universal transformers


Video cable

Video chokes

Video connectors

Voltage regulator circuits

Voltage-controlled low-frequency circuits

Voltage-controlled oscillator circuits

Voltage-frequency converters


Watertight connectors

Winding cores

Wirewound resistors

Zener diodes

Zero voltage control circuits

Alternate keywords


Company type


Wholesaler/ Distributor


Fiscal year 202012
Number of months: 12
Turnover: 88,594
Financial expenses: 235
Earnings before taxes: -1,648
Total assets: 22,109
Current assets: 21,034
Current liabilities: 9,054
Equity capital: 9,566
Share capital: 1,000
Number of employees: 22

Financial ratios

Solvency: 43.3%
Turnover per employee: 4,027
Profitability: -1.9%
Return on equity (ROE): -17.2%
Current ratio: 232.3%
Return on assets (ROA): -6.4%