AVT Industriteknik AB
Box 20
SE-441 21 Alingsås
Visiting address:
Industrigatan 1
SE-441 38 Alingsås
Municipality: Alingsas
County: Västra Götaland County
Telephone: +46 (0)322-642500
Fax: +46 (0)322-665629

Company description

AVT provides Assembly machines, assembly lines, leakdetection machines, robot lines, robot, automation, we are a komplete automation house.

Company info

E-mail: Email
Business ID:556596-5786
VAT No :SE556596578601
Subsidiary company to:Addtech Nordic AB
Turnover (×1000) SEK:76,958
Number of employees:42


Chairman of the board:Martin Fassl
CEO:Martin Book
Finances: Access required
Production: Access required
Technology: Access required

Sales offices

Sweden, Alingsås, +46 (0)322 642500

Sweden, Göteborg, +46 (0)31 764 32 00

Products and services

Aluminium subcontracting

Ampoule machines

Arc welding


Assembly fixtures

Assembly presses

Assembly robots

Automated warehouses

Automatic handling machinery

Automation, consulting services

Automation engineering

Automation equipment

Automation solutions

Automation training

Balancing machines

Box turners

Box-closing machines, adhesive strips

Box-closing machines, belt moisteners

Box-closing machines, cold glue

Box-closing machines, heat-seal tape

Box-closing machines, hot melt glue

Box-closing machines, staple

Box-closing machines, tape

Box-emptying machines

Box-filling machines, corrugated board boxes

Box-filling machines, plastic boxes

Brass subcontracting

Capping machines, aluminium-foil covers for flanging

Capping machines, cardboard covers for flanging

Capping machines, heat-sealable aluminium foil covers

Capping machines, heat-sealable cardboard covers

Capping machines, metal screw covers

Capping machines, patent covers

Capping machines, plastic covers

Capping machines, plastic screw covers

Capping machines, snaplock covers

Capping machines, vacuum lids

Cardboard machines

Carton closing machines, glue seal

Carton closing machines, heat-sealing

Carton closing machines, taped closure

Carton closing machines, tuck-end closure

Carton packaging machinery, powder and granules

Carton picking machines

Cartoning machines, corrugated board

Cartoning machines with automatic feeding, combined tuck-end and glue

Cartoning machines with automatic feeding, glue bonding

Cartoning machines with automatic feeding, heat-sealing

Cartoning machines with automatic feeding, tape bonding

Cartoning machines with automatic feeding, tuck-end

Centering machines

Ceramics industry machinery

Chemical engineering industry machinery

CNC milling

CNC training

CNC turning

CNC working

Component marking machines

Component taping machines

Computer systemization

Control equipment for monitoring

Control monitoring systems for rotating machines

Control systems, consulting services

Control systems for monitoring

Control systems training

Conveyor assembly and service

Density control devices

Die casting automation

Electrical cabinets

Electronics design

Electronics design consulting services

Electronics design, high-level systems, software

Electronics design, schematic drawings, software

Electronics design, simulators for analog circuits

Electronics design, simulators for entire systems

Electronics design, software for electronic simulation, simulators for digital circuits

Enrichment machines

Equipment cabinets

Extrusion automation systems


Gas welding

Glue joint machines

Glue spreading machines

Gluing machines

Gluing systems

Hardware consultancy

HMI/SCADA systems

Hydraulic steering systems

Hydraulic systems

Inductance welding machines

Induction heating equipment

Induction welding

Industrial robots

Industrial subcontracting

Inspection systems for electronics production

Label gumming machines

Label overprinting machines with block

Label production machines

Labelling machines

Labelling machines for heat-seal labels

Labelling machines for self-adhesive labels

Labelling machines with glue application

Leakage detection

Leakage detectors

Lid embossing machines

Lid stamping machines

Machine assembly

Machine construction

Machine control

Machine installations

Machine knives and cutters

Machine rebuilding

Machine safety

Machine vision

Machinery for grocery industry

Machines for graphics industry

Machines for the rubber industry

Machine-shop tools

Marking machines

Materials control systems

Materials handling equipment

Materials systems

Materials testing machinery

Mechanical components

Mechanical construction and manufacturing

Mechanical design, consulting services

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical expansion joints

Mechanical industry product development

Mechanical subcontracting


Medical equipment and devices

Metal work, subcontracting

MIG welding machines

Monitoring systems

Packaging machines

Packing machines

Packing machines for unit packing of piece goods, banderole

Packing machines for unit packing of piece goods, flow packers

Packing machines for unit packing of piece goods, folding

Packing machines for unit packing of piece goods, twist packing

Painting robots

Palette conveyors

Pallet nailing machines

Palletizing systems

PCB based systems with PC technology

Picking robots

Plasma welding

Plastic manufacturing machinery

PLC equipment

PLC programming

PLC systems

Pneumatic presses

Pneumatic systems

Pneumatic systems, consulting services

Portal robots

Precision mechanical manufacturing

Precision mechanical subcontracting

Process control systems

Process systems

Processing equipment

Processing machines

Production control plants

Production equipment for electronics industry

Production lines

Production reporting systems

Programmable controller systems

Project management

Punching machines

Quality control facilities

Reel handling systems

Resistance welding equipment

RFID systems

Robot cells

Robotic equipment

Robotic systems

Robotic technology


Sealing machine accessories

Sealing machines for blister packages

Service and repair of packaging machines

Servo drives

Sheet metal industry machinery

Sheet metal subcontracting

Signal transfer systems

Special machines for furniture industry

Special machines for industry

Special machines for plastics industry

Steel subcontracting

Stud welding machines

System integration

System integrators

System programming

System software

Tape machines

Thin sheet subcontracting

TIG welding

Tool design

Tool design consulting services


Training servo systems

Transformer cabinets

Turning work in steel and other metals

Vacuum systems

Vision systems

Warehouse management

Wrapping machines for multipacks as a roll or a pole, banderole

Wrapping machines for multipacks as a roll or a pole, flow packers

Wrapping machines for multipacks as a roll or a pole, folding

Wrapping machines for multipacks as a roll or a pole, multipackaging

Wrapping machines for multipacks as a roll or a pole, twist-packing

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Company type

Wholesaler/ Distributor




Fiscal year 202203
Number of months: 15
Turnover: 76,958
Financial expenses: 16
Earnings before taxes: 10,052
Total assets: 46,981
Current assets: 44,780
Current liabilities: 16,531
Equity capital: 27,587
Share capital: 400
Number of employees: 42

Financial ratios

Solvency: 58.7%
Turnover per employee: 1,832
Profitability: 13.1%
Return on equity (ROE): 36.4%
Current ratio: 270.9%
Return on assets (ROA): 21.4%