Companies that has the product Ball-bearing slides

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Aratron AB

Aratron supply high quality components within transmission and linear movements to the Swedish OEM-industry.

Solna, Stockholm County

SKS Sweden AB

Import and sales of components and systems for Swedish machinebuilders.

Lomma, Skåne County

Theofils Beslag

Legal name: Theofil Carlsson AB

Joenkoeping, Jönköping County

Aratron AS

Aratron AS is one of the leading Norwegian importers and agencies specializing in mechanical, electro-mechanical and vacuum components for linear or rotary motion. Marketing is conducted on an...

Oslo, Oslo

Aero Materiel AB

Stockist of tuch points for panels such as locks, latches, hinges, quick action fasteners, rivets, rivet nuts, cage nuts, ball bearing slides, gas springs etc.

Joenkoeping, Jönköping County

Mekanex Maskin AB

Mekanex is a leading supplier of mechanical and electro mechanical components to the Scandinavian industry. Our comprehensive range of products includes power transmission equipment and electric...

Sollentuna, Stockholm County

Seinajoki, Western Finland

Grindsted, Region of Southern Denmark

Joenkoeping, Jönköping County