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“A very good utility for indirect purchases that saves us time and gives us relevant quotations.”

Ann-Helen Edvinsson, Gislaved Folie AB

“A good solution to get in contact with many suppliers and on top of that the RFQ service was free.”

David Byström, Åf Consult AB

“Our current suppliers announced price increases; I therefore made inquiries about a new one. Nordicnet was a good choice, I think.”

Production Manager in the pulp and paper industry

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Niklas Hartog

Product Manager

Nordicnet RFQ

This is how it works:

Fill out the form. Be sure to be clear and detailed in your request in order to obtain as relevant quotes as possible.

When you have filled out the form and sent your RFQ you will receive an e-mail where you confirm the request. It will be matched with the companies in our database which filters out the most relevant suppliers for the product/service you are looking for.

You will be contacted by up to five companies that want to send you a quote. A summary of companies and contact persons who have taken part of your request will be sent to you later by e-mail.

Do as ABB, PEAB, Sandvik and many other companies – submit RFQ's for free.

Welcome to the Nordicnet RFQ service. The service is completely free and is addressed to those who want to receive relevant quotes in a more time efficient way. Perhaps it is in an area you do not have as much knowledge and contacts in. Or maybe it is about time to look at other options that are available in addition to the ones used today. You may even be located with a major procurement, but feeling that you do not really have the quotes you want. In all cases, Nordicnet RFQ is a simple and reliable tool to use.

Good luck!

Nordicnet RFQ
Phone: +46 8 566 229 00

Nordicnet RFI

With Nordicnet's RFI service you now have the possibility to get unique data of companies who can provide the products and services that you are looking for.

We do all the work or parts of it.

Examples of solutions

  1. We provide you with a list of suppliers of the products and services that you have requested. The list includes contact information, the name of decision-makers, financial information, etc.
  2. We contact the suppliers, whereupon they will contact you with answers to your questions. Then you choose how you want to proceed.

Please contact us for pricing and other questions

Niklas Hartog
Product Manager

+46 8-566 229 00

A message with a confirmation link will be sent to the given e-mail address.

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