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Industrial doors presented by Champion Door Oy

Industrial doors Champion Door is a professional manufacturer and installer of large industrial doors. The doors are designed to withstand difficult circumstances and their maintenance is minimal.

Vertical lifting fabric fold-up doors have many benefits compared to traditional door solutions. They do not require excessive support structures in the building itself, which is a major savings in construction costs. The door can also be installed in a door framework outside the building, which means the entire door opening can be left free.

The ingenious structure and high quality materials of the fold-up door ensure reliable functionality and minimal maintenance need. The frame width being 400 mm, a single door can be 40 m wide, and with support feet the width can be infinitely increased. Standard frame strengths are 180, 280 and 400 mm.

The best option for cold conditions is NK4 Warm with a market leading extra thermal insulation. Its U-value is as low as 0.63 (frame strength being 400 mm).

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