Midwaggon AB

TM Progress AB

Box 395
SE-891 28 Örnsköldsvik
Visiting address: Kavelvägen 7, Själevad
Municipality: Oernskoeldsvik
County: Västernorrland County
Telephone: +46 (0)660-299530
Fax: +46 (0)660-376765

Company info

Business ID:556448-2445
VAT No :SE556448244501
Subsidiary company to:TM Progress Holding AB
Turnover (×1000) SEK:133,463
Number of employees:18
Chairman of the board:Tomas Björk
CEO:Ove Sigvardsson
Marketing:Katrin Rosenblom
Finances:Per Norberg
Sales:Johan Engwall
Production:Tarja Wiklund
Technology:Göran Ericson
Purchases:Per Norberg
Personnel:Per Norberg
IT:Per Norberg

Company description

Wholesaler/ Distributor



TM Progress is Scandinavia’s largest screeding contractor and one of the largest manufacturer of screeding products. We have built up our experience of screeding products since 1974. With high levels of knowledge and ambition we have developed the products that we currently manufacture and sell all over Europe. Today we have sales offices throughout Sweden and can supply from 15 kg up to 38 tonnes, in sacks or using pump trucks.

Sales offices

Sverige, Göteborg, +46 (0)660-29 95 30

Sweden, Osby, +46 (0)660-29 95 30

Sweden, Stockholm, +46 (0)660-29 95 30

Sweden, Växjö, +46 (0)660-29 95 30

Sweden, Örnsköldsvik, +46(0)660-29 95 30