Powertools Sweden AB
Box 928
SE-745 25 Enköping
Visiting address:
Kvartsgatan 10
SE-749 40 Enköping
Municipality: Enkoeping
County: Uppsala County
Telephone: +46 (0)171-663000
Fax: +46 (0)171-39316

Company description

Manufacturing and sales of innovative pneumatic and hydraulic powered tools. Some of our unique products are the SL Tapping Equipment and JTI Torque Wrenches and a range of high pressure hydraulic tools.

Company info

E-mail: Email
Business ID:556422-4664
VAT No :SE556422466401
Subsidiary company to:MR Lund Holding AB
Turnover (×1000) SEK:15,275
Number of employees:8


Chairman of the board:Robert Kraft
CEO:Robert Lund
Marketing: Access required
Production: Access required
Technology: Access required
Purchases: Access required
Personnel: Access required

Sales offices

Sverige, Eskilstuna, 0733-383 395

Sverige, Kalmar, 0480-314 111

Sverige, Tranås, 070-268 18 00

Products and services

Abrasive belt grinders

Air blow guns

Air motors

Angle grinders

Assembly robots

Automatic screw machines

Automation equipment

Balancing blocks

Bolt cutters

Chisel hammers

Circular saws

Clamping tools

Cleaning tools

Clipper tools

Compressed air connectors

Compressed air driven grinders

Compressed air motors

Compressed air saws

Compressed-air tools

Cross-cut saw blades

Cross-cutting machines


Cutting pliers

Deburring machines

Drill chucks

Electric screwdrivers

Engraving pens

Equipment for iron foundries

Finish grinding tools

Grinding tools

Hand pumps

Hand tools

Hand-held belt sanders

High-pressure couplings

High-pressure hose

High-pressure hydraulics

High-pressure pumps

Hydraulic clipper tools

Hydraulic couplings

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic drilling machines

Hydraulic engineering

Hydraulic hose

Hydraulic mechanisms

Hydraulic nut extractors

Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic seals

Hydraulic service

Hydraulic systems

Hydraulic tools

Hydraulic units

Impact hammers


Lifting devices

Machine-shop tools

Mechanical and hydraulic cutters

Metal processing machines

Nut extractors

Nut splitters


Pneumatic drilling machines

Pneumatic pliers

Pneumatic systems

Pressure gauges

Quick connectors

Rotary cross-cutting machines

Rust-removal machines

Screw clamps

Screw cutting tools

Service and repair of compressed air tools

Sheet metal forming machines

Sheet metal industry machinery

Slitting saws

Special tools

Steel tables


Telescoping cylinders

Thread apparatus

Thread cutting machines

Thread cutting tools

Tool grinders


Torque wrenches

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pneumatisk svivel





Company type





Fiscal year 201706
Number of months: 12
Turnover: 15,275
Financial expenses: 489
Earnings before taxes: -593
Total assets: 11,017
Current assets: 9,048
Current liabilities: 6,278
Equity capital: 412
Share capital: 500
Number of employees: 8

Financial ratios

Solvency: 3.7%
Turnover per employee: 1,909
Profitability: -3.9%
Return on equity (ROE): -143.9%
Current ratio: 144.1%
Return on assets (ROA): -0.9%