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PL 9
FI-20101 Turku
Visiting address:
Fiskarsinkatu 3
FI-20750 Turku
Municipality: Turku
County: Western Finland
Telephone: +358 (0)207499499
Fax: +358 (0)207499456

Company description

We are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of components for industrial automation. A wide and deep range of products from leading manufacturers gives customers a unique opportunity to assemble their purchases with a single supplier.

Company info

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Business ID:0413569-0
VAT No :FI04135690
Turnover (×1000) EUR:35,052
Number of employees:89


CEO:Patrick Nyström
Marketing: Access required
Finances: Access required
Technology: Access required
Purchases: Access required

Sales offices

Oulu, 0207 499 484

Products and services

AC motors

Actuating clutches

AGM batteries

Air valves

Aluminium profile elements

Aluminium profile systems

Aluminium profiles


Angle gearboxes

Anti-interference capacitors

Assembly boxes

Automatic timers

Automatic valve controls

Automatics electrical equipment

Automation components

Auxiliary relays

Ball bearings

Bar-code readers


Battery cable shoes

Battery chargers

Battery connections

Battery holders

Bearing housings

Bearing materials


Belt conveyors

Bimetallic switches

Binding machines

Blinker relays

Brake motors


Brushless motors

Busbar trunkings



Cable accessories

Cable chains

Cable covering

Cable drums

Cable fittings

Cable grommets

Cable groovers

Cable marking equipment

Cable protection hose

Cable shoes

Cable stockings

Cable tools

Cable trolleys

Cable trunkings

Cable winders

Capacitive gauges


Car cameras

Circuit breakers

Clamp connectors

Closed batteries

Compressed air connectors

Compressed air switches

Connecting cable


Connectors for equipment connection

Connectors for military use

Connectors for printed circuits

Contact boxes

Contact rails

Cooling units for computers


Current relays

Current-loop converters

DC brakes

DC motors

Delay relays

Diaphragm pumps

Differential pressure meters

Digital cameras

Digital regulators

Dim glowing lamps

Diode holders

Door locks

Drive-current switches

Dry cell batteries

Dumping cylinders

Electric motors

Electric signaling equipment

Electrical cabinets

Electrical equipment for alarms

Electrical instruments

Electrical sensors

Electrolytic capacitors

Electromagnetic clutches

Electronic enclosures

Electronic regulators


EMC filters

Emergency lighting accumulators

Emergency stops

Energy-saving products


Equipment boxes

Equipment cabinets

Error current relays

Fibre-optic cable



Flanged bearings

Flat cable

Float switches

Flow sensors

Flow-actuated switches


Flywheel ring bearings

Foot switches

Force sensors

Frequency meters


Gear pumps

Gear reduction sets

Gearbox motors


Geared motors

Gel batteries

General alarms


Halogen-free cable

Halogen-free wiring tubes

Harbour equipment

Heating units

Hose pumps

Hydraulic components

Hydraulic valves

Impulse generators

Indicator lamps

Induction motors

Inductive sensors

Industrial cameras

Industrial motors

Industrial switches

Insulated conductors

Intelligent timers

Joint axles

Joint bearings

Key switches


Laser measuring equipment

LCD displays

LCD screens

Lead batteries

LED dimmers

LED lamps

LED lighting

LED strips

Length gauges

Level detectors

Light bulbs

Light curtains

Light signaling equipment

Light-emitting diodes

Limit switches

Linear bearings

Linear components

Linear electric motors

Linear gauges

Linear motors

Lithium batteries

Locks and keys

Low-pressure pumps

Low-voltage materials

Low-voltage motors

Machine components

Machine safety

Machine vision

Magnetic clutches

Magnetic components

Magnetic sensors

Magnetic valves


Maintenance-free batteries

Maintenance-free lead batteries

Material for electrical installation

Measurement amplifiers

Measurement transformers

Measuring test converters

Membrane keyboards

Membrane switches

Membranes push buttons

Micro contacts

Micro switches

Microphone connectors

Miniature connectors

Miniature electric motors

Miniature motors

Miniature relays

Miniature storage batteries

Motor controllers

Motorized cable reels

Multi-pole connectors

Net monitor relays

Nickel cadmium batteries

Nickel hydride batteries

One-phase motors

Open batteries

Operating relays

Optical filters

Optical gauges


Over voltage detector

Over voltage sink

Overfill protection

Overheating protection

Overload protectors

Panel meters

Parts for automatic machinery

Permanent magnet motors

Phase sequence indicators

Photo sensors

Photocell equipment

Planetary gear motors

Planetary gearings

Plate pumps

Pneumatic actuators

Pneumatic components

Pneumatic control units


Power distribution components

Power supplies

Pressing tools

Pressure gauges

Pressure sensors

Proximity sensors

Proximity switches

PTFE cable

Pulse relays

Pulse sensors


Push buttons

Push-button switches


Rearview TVs

Rechargeable batteries

Reduction gearboxes


Reluctance motors

Resistance heating equipment

Roller bearings

Rotary switches

Rotating warning lights

Round cable

RPM regulation of electric motors

RPM-regulated motors

Running time meters

Safety clutches

Safety equipment for presses

Safety mats

Safety relays

Safety switches

Secondary cells

Semiconductor fuses


Signal converters

Signal lamps

Silicone cable

Sliding bearings

Slip-ring fixtures

Slip-ring motors

Small electric motors

Soft starters

Sound signaling equipment

Special batteries

Special motors

Spindle motors

Spring-driven cable reels

Stabilized DC power supplies

Stainless steel electric motors

Stainless steel motors

Star-delta switches

Stationary batteries

Stationary engines

Stepper motors

Storage batteries

Synchronous motors


Technical rubber products

Temperature detectors

Temperature regulators

Temperature sensors

TFT displays

Theft-proofing marking equipment

Three-phase motors

Time relays


Tool batteries

Transformer cabinets


Transistor relays

Truck batteries

Ultrasonic facilities

Ultrasonic level meters

Ultrasonic sensors

Under voltage detectors

UPS batteries

Vacuum lifters

Voltage changers

Voltage relays


Warning lights

Windshield wiper motors

Worm gear motors

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Company type


Wholesaler/ Distributor



Fiscal year 201612
Number of months: 12
Turnover: 35,052
Financial expenses: 64
Earnings before taxes: 2,272
Total assets: 16,307
Current liabilities: 9,524
Equity capital: 5,482
Share capital: 252
Number of employees: 89

Financial ratios

Solvency: 33.6%
Turnover per employee: 394
Profitability: 6.5%
Return on equity (ROE): 41.4%
Return on assets (ROA): 14.3%