Future Electronics AB
Färögatan 33
SE-164 51 Kista
Municipality: Stockholm
County: Stockholm County
Telephone: +46 (0)8-6248800
Fax: +46 (0)8-6248890

Company description

Distribution av elektronikkomponenter till tillverkande industri i Sverige. Global distributör av komponenter till alla kategorier av kunder.

Company info

E-mail: Email
Business ID:556539-6701
VAT No :SE556539670101
Subsidiary company to:F E Future Holding Bv
Turnover (×1000) SEK:29,001
Number of employees:27


Chairman of the board:Gary Oliver
CEO:Gary Oliver
Finances: Access required
Technology: Access required

Sales offices

Göteborg, 0300-30300

Malmö, 040-406990

Products and services

Active filters

A/D converters

Air capacitors

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors

Analog logarithmic transducers

Analog/pneumatic transducers

Analog/pulse transducers

Antenna filters

Anti-interference capacitors

Armatures relays

Audio connectors

Automatic fuses

Automotive fuses

Avalanche diodes

Band-pass filters

Band-reject filters

Battery connectors

Bipolar transistors

Cable shoes

Capacitance diodes

Carbon potentiometers

Carbon resistors

Ceramic capacitors

Ceramic crystal filters

Chassi connectors

Circuit board relays

Circuit-breaker circuits

Clamp connectors

Click relays

Coaxial connectors

Coaxial relays

Communications circuits

Comparator circuits

Constant-current diodes

Contact protectors

Cross-over networks

D/A converters

Decoupling capacitors

Demodulator circuits

Diac diodes

Differential relays

Diode mounting parts

Dolby noise-reduction circuits

Drive circuits

Electro-chemical relays

Electromechanical components

Electronic components

Electronics consulting services

EMI filters

European standard connectors

Fibre connectors

Fibre-optic relays

Field-effect transistors

Film capacitors

Flameproof resistors

Flat cable connectors

Flat prong connectors

Frequency changers

Frequency converters

Frequency multipliers

Frequency synthesizers

Frequency-voltage converters

Function generator circuits


Gas-filled capacitors

Germanium diodes

Germanium transistors

Glass capacitors

Grommet capacitors

Ground fault relays

Gunn diodes

Hermetic capacitors

Hermetic connectors

Hermetically sealed relays

High-capacity capacitors

High-frequency circuits

High-frequency relays

High-frequency resistors

High-ohm resistors

High-pass filters

High-voltage capacitors

High-voltage diodes

Holding circuits

IMPATT diodes

Industrial relays

Interface circuits

Isolating circuits

LED lamps

Light-emitting diodes

Light-sensitive resistors

Logic circuits

Loudspeaker connectors

Low-frequency circuits

Low-leakage diodes

Low-pass filters

Metal film resistors

Mica capacitors

Microwave filters

Microwave transistors

Mid-frequency filters

Mixer diodes

Modem circuits

Mounting fixtures for transistors

Multiplexer circuits

Multi-pole connectors

Network interference filters

Paper capacitors

Photo transistors

Photocell relays


PIN diodes

Plastic film capacitors

Polycarbonate capacitors

Polyester capacitors

Polypropylene capacitors


Power diodes

Power relays

Power resistors

Power transistors

Precision potentiometers

Precision resistors

Production logistics

Programmable logic devices

Pulse relays

Rectifier diodes

Resistance networks

Resistor materials



Schottky diodes

Semiconductor components

Semiconductor diodes

Semiconductor relays

Silicon diodes

Single-pole relays

Small signal transistors

Smart power logic


Switch diodes

Tantalum electrolytic capacitors

Telephone circuits

Temperature-dependent resistors

Thick film resistors

Thin film capacitors

Thin film diodes

Thin film resistors

Thin film transistors


Transient protection diodes



Trimming capacitors

Trimming potentiometers

Tuning capacitors

Tunnel diodes

Unijunction transistors


Wirewound resistors

Zener diodes

Alternate keywords

passiva komponenter

Company type

Wholesaler/ Distributor

Fiscal year 201512
Number of months: 12
Turnover: 29,001
Financial expenses: 4
Earnings before taxes: 2,172
Total assets: 14,769
Current assets: 14,163
Current liabilities: 4,484
Equity capital: 10,285
Share capital: 100
Number of employees: 27

Financial ratios

Solvency: 69.6%
Turnover per employee: 1,074
Profitability: 7.5%
Return on equity (ROE): 21.1%
Current ratio: 315.9%
Return on assets (ROA): 14.7%