Christian Berner AB
Box 88
SE-435 22 Mölnlycke
Visiting address:
Designvägen 1
SE-435 33 Mölnlycke
Municipality: Harryda
County: Västra Götaland County
Telephone: +46 (0)31-3366900
Fax: +46 (0)31-3366999

Company description

Christian Berner Tech Trade Group (publ – listed on NASDAQ First North) is an independent privately owned corporate group with 120 years of experience of technical trading. We offer quality products and system solutions with a focus on environmental technology from European manufacturers to industries and municipalities in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region. The Group has a total of 130 employees and net sales of approximately 450 MSEK. Christian Berner Tech Trade AB is the head company for trading activities and markets our product program in the whole of the Nordic region through subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. For more information about Christian Berner visit and

Company info

E-mail: Email
Business ID:556049-5235
VAT No :SE556049523501
Subsidiary company to:Christian Berner Tech Trade AB
Turnover (×1000) SEK:287,900
Number of employees:79


Chairman of the board:Bo Söderqvist
CEO:Bo Söderqvist
Marketing: Access required
Finances: Access required
Technology: Access required
Personnel: Access required

Sales offices

Danmark, Lyngby, +45 7025 4242

Finland, Vantaa, +358 9 2766830

Norge, Oslo, +47 23348400

Sverige, Stockholm 08-56 48 84 80

Sverige, Säffle, 0533-137 20

Products and services

Acid pumps

Additive scales


Air cushions

Air dryers

Air-driven pumps

Aluminium containers

Analytical equipment



Anti-slip mats

Automatic bagging machines

Automatic paper bagging machines, piece goods

Automatic paper bagging machines, powder and granules

Automatic paper sack fillers, powder and granules

Automatic plastic and laminate bagging machines, liquids

Automatic plastic and laminate bagging machines, pastes

Automatic plastic and laminate bagging machines, piece goods

Automatic plastic and laminate bagging machines, powder and granules

Automatic plastic and laminated sack fillers, powder and granules

Automatic thermoforming packaging machines, pastes

Automatic thermoforming packaging machines, piece goods

Bag closing machines

Bag closing machines, clip

Bag closing machines, heat-sealing

Bag filters

Bag machines

Bag packing machines, plastic and laminate portion bags

Bag packing machines, portion packages, pillow packages

Bag threader


Bakelite fabrics

Ball mills

Banderoling machines

Bar-code labels

Barrel filling lines

Barrel heaters

Barrel pumps

Belt conveyors

Big-bag emptiers

Big-bag fillers


Blister machines

Blocks and sheets

Bottle capping machines

Bottle capping machines, metal screw caps

Bottle capping machines, plastic screw caps

Bottle capping machines, rolled-on caps

Bottle capping machines, snap-on caps

Bottle erectors

Bottle filling and sealing machines, liquids

Bottle filling and sealing machines, pastes

Bottle washing machines

Box erectors

Box packing machines, folding boxes

Box packing machines, wrap-around

Box-filling machines, corrugated board boxes

Brewing machinery

Bucket filling and sealing machines, pastes

Building elements

Building goods

Bundling machines

Butterfly valves

Can filling and closing machines, liquids

Can filling and closing machines, pastes

Can filling and closing machines, powder and granules

Capping machines, metal screw covers

Capping machines, plastic covers

Capping machines, plastic screw covers

Capping machines, snaplock covers

Capping machines, vacuum lids

Carton closing machines, glue seal

Carton closing machines, tuck-end closure

Carton erectors, glue closure

Carton erectors, insert closures

Carton packaging machinery, piece goods

Cartoning machines with automatic feeding, tape bonding

Cartridge filters

Cassette filters

Cellular plastic

Cellular plastic, PUR

Cellulose mills

Centrifugal feeders

Centrifugal pumps



Chemical hose

Chemicals pumps

Chlorine gas measuring equipment

Circular feed table

Coating kitchens

COD analysis

Coding machines for edge lists

Cold drying facilities

Colloid mills

Colour cartridges

Column equipment

Concentration meters

Condensate coolers


Conductivity meters

Conductivity sensors

Constant heat-sealing machines


Conveyor scales


Cooling water coolers

Cork rubber

Cover feeders

Cup filling and sealing machines, liquids

Cup filling and sealing machines, pastes

Cup filling and sealing machines, powder and granules

Damping products


Deep-draw tools

Desalinization facilities

Diaphragm pumps

Diatomaceous earth

Differential pressure meters

Differential scales

Disc refiners


Dispensers for troughs and buckets, injection moulded materials

Dispensers for troughs and buckets, thermoform materials

Displacement pumps

Display packages

Distillation facilities

Dosing feeders

Dosing feeders for chemical industry

Dosing feeders for food industry

Dosing feeders for liquid

Dosing feeders for oil and grease

Dosing feeders for the plastics industry

Dosing pumps

Droplet separators

Drying cabinets

Drying equipment

Drying facilities

Drying systems for industry

Ejector pumps




Enameled containers

Environmental analytical devices, gas

Environmental analytical devices, liquids

Environmental engineering devices

Environmental monitoring instruments

Epoxy-glass laminate


Extraction facilities

Feeders and feeding systems, bakery and confectionery products

Filler bodies

Filling machines

Film-wrapping machines

Filter media

Filter presses

Filtering plants

Filters for non-stop filtration

Fluid bed dryers

Flush valves


Foodstuff pumps

Gas analyzers

Gas burners

Gas filters

Gear pumps

Gelatin capsule filling and sealing machines

Grain drying facilities


Grease filters

Grinding mills


Hand pallet trucks

HDPE profiles

HDPE sheets

Heat exchangers

Heating mantles

HEPA filters

High-pressure hose

High-pressure pumps

Homogenizer equipment

Hood stretch machines for pallet loads

Horizontal filters


Hose clamps

Hose connections

Hose pumps

Hot-air welding machines

Humidity sensors

Impact sound isolation

Industrial glass

Inert gas packaging machines

Infeed tables


Inkjet printers

Inspection instrumentation



Keg filling and sealing machines

Label overprinting machines with block

Labelling machines

Labelling machines for self-adhesive labels

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory glass

Laboratory instrumentation

Length gauges

Level meters

LF meters

Lid stamping machines

Light meters

Liquid analyzers

Liquid cleaning systems for liquid gases

Liquid cleaning systems for process industry

Liquid filters

Liquid process analysis devices

Liquid ring compressors


Magnetic separators

Marking apparatus

Marking equipment

Marking ink

Marking machines for imprinting of filled sacks

Measurement equipment for process industry

Measuring instruments for groceries

Membrane filters

Metal tube filling and closing machines

Micro filters


Mixing machines

Moisture content meters

Moulding machines for blister packages


Numbering apparatus

Nylon tubing

Oil filters

Osmosis installations

Oxygen meters

PA bolts

PA pipes

PA sheets

Packaging machines

Packing machines

Packing machines for unit packing of piece goods, banderole

Packing machines for unit packing of piece goods, flow packers

Packing machines for unit packing of piece goods, twist packing

Paint and varnish

Pallet conveyors

Pallet magazines


Palletizing systems

Paper bag filling and sealing machines, piece goods

Paper bag filling and sealing machines, powder and granules

PC bolts

PEEK bolts

PEH bolts

PEH profiles

PEH sheets

PEI sheets

Peristaltic pumps

PETP bolts

PETP sheets

PF pipes

PF sheets

pH electrodes

PI bolts

PI pipes

Piston compressors

Piston membrane pumps

Plastic and laminated bag filling and sealing machines, liquids

Plastic and laminated bag filling and sealing machines, pastes

Plastic and laminated bag filling and sealing machines, piece goods

Plastic and laminated bag filling and sealing machines, powder and granules

Plastic articles

Plastic coating

Plastic covering

Plastic extrusions

Plastic hose

Plastic laminates

Plastic pipes

Plastic sheets

Plastic structural constitutions

Plastic tube filling and closing machines

Plastics mills

PMMA bolts

PMMA pipes

Pneumatic transport facilities



Polycarbonate sheets


Polyethylene pipes

Polyethylene sheets


Polypropylene sheets


Polyurethane bolts

Polyurethane pipes

Polyurethane sheets

Polyvinyl acetal

Polyvinyl formal

POM bolts

POM pipes

POM sheets

Powder handling equipment

Powder mixers

PP bolts

PPO bolts

PPS bolts


Pressure accumulators

Pressure filters

Pressure gauges

Pressure sensors

Printing blocks

Propane burners

Protective mats

Proximity sensors

PTFE bolts

PTFE pipes

PTFE profiles

PTFE sheets

Pug mills


PVC bolts

PVC pipes

PVC sheets

PVDF bolts

PVDF sheets


Redox electrodes

Refill bag packing machines


Reverse osmosis

Rewinding filters

Rinsing machines

Robotic systems


Roller coders

Roller coders for packaging machines

Rotary band filters

Rotary sieves

Rubber and elastic elements

Rubber buffers

Rubber mats

Rubber printing blocks

Sack closers

Sack closing machines, bonded seal

Sack closing machines, clip closures

Sack closing machines, heat-sealing

Sack closing machines, sewing

Sack closing machines, sewing and taping

Sack emptiers

Sack fillers

Sack fillers, FFS form-fill-seal

Sack fillers, open sacks

Sack flatters

Sack mounting robots

Scraper conveyors

Screw compressors

Screw conveyors


Sealing machine accessories

Sealing machines for blister packages

Sealless pumps

Self-priming pumps

Sheet cutting machines

Sheet laminates, PF

Shrink film

Shrink film machines

Shrink frames for pallet loads

Shrink ovens for pallet loads

Side loading trucks

Sieve machines


Sludge content meters

Sludge filters

Smoke analysis apparatus

Solid materials samplers

Sorting machines

Sound absorbing systems

Sound insulation


Spiral springs

Splint conveyors

Spray dryers

Spray drying facilities

Stainless steel pumps

Steam compressors

Steam driven pumps

Steam hose

Steam turbines

Steel springs

Stretch film machines

Structural plastics

Tableting machines

Tapping machines

Technical glass

Technical plastic parts

Temperature sensors

Thermo rolls

Thermoforming packaging machinery, liquids


Transport facilities

Tray erecting machines

Tray packing machines

Trough erecting machines

Tube dampers


Turbo compressors

Ultrasonic sealing machines

Ultrasonic washers

Under sleeper pads

Urethane rubber

Vacuum blowers

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum installations

Vacuum mixers

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum systems

Vacuum transport systems

Valve sack fillers

Vibrating feeders

Vibrating sieves

Vibration isolators

Vision systems

Volume filling machines for dry products

Volume filling machines for liquids

Warming cabinets

Water analysis apparatus

Water filters

Water samplers

Waterjet pumps

Weighing systems

Wireless scanners

Wrapping machines for multipacks as a roll or a pole, banderole

Wrapping machines for multipacks as a roll or a pole, flow packers

Wrapping machines for multipacks as a roll or a pole, folding

Wrapping machines for pallet loads

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baseplate pads








elastiska mellanlägg







rail pads



Company type


Wholesaler/ Distributor







Fiscal year 201612
Number of months: 12
Turnover: 287,900
Financial expenses: 43
Earnings before taxes: 27,699
Total assets: 82,672
Current assets: 74,651
Current liabilities: 43,784
Equity capital: 37,359
Share capital: 5,000
Number of employees: 79

Financial ratios

Solvency: 45.2%
Turnover per employee: 3,644
Profitability: 9.6%
Return on equity (ROE): 74.1%
Current ratio: 170.5%
Return on assets (ROA): 33.6%