Cdust Miljöteknik AB
Fabriksvägen 5A
SE-186 32 Vallentuna
Municipality: Vallentuna
County: Stockholm County
Telephone: +46 (0)8-51240500
Fax: +46 (0)8-51015100

Company description

Tillverkning av centraldammsugare för industriapplikationer, mobila eller stationära. Tillbehör till centraldammsugningsanläggningar, maskintillbehör, städ- och rörtillbehör. Industridammsugare för torr- eller våtsugning.

Company info

E-mail: Email
Business ID:556625-6508
VAT No :SE556625650801
Subsidiary company to:Cdust Förvaltning AB
Turnover (×1000) SEK:4,449
Number of employees:2


CEO:Rolf Fager
Marketing: Access required
Finances: Access required
Technology: Access required

Sales offices

Finland, Esbo, +358 94556600

Finland, Helsingfors, +358 93505220

Norge, Oslo, +47 22320036

Storbritannien, Scunthorpe, +44 1724 277586

Products and services

Asbestos cleanup

Asbestos vacuum cleaners

Building vacuum cleaners

Central vacuum cleaners

Central vacuum equipment

Chip vacuuming equipment

Chip vacuums

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning services

Construction vacuum equipment



Hose clamps

Hose reels

Industrial vacuum cleaners

Knife gate valves

Local extractors

Materials handling equipment

Motor-driven pump units

Polyurethane hose

PVC hose

Rubber hose

Sand vacuum equipment

Suction plants

Tap bagging

Vacuum apparatus

Vacuum cleaner hose

Vacuum equipment for recycling

Vacuum pumps

Wet vacuum cleaners

Alternate keywords


mobila vakuumaggregat



Company type


Wholesaler/ Distributor



Fiscal year 201708
Number of months: 12
Turnover: 4,449
Financial expenses: 49
Earnings before taxes: -59
Total assets: 3,657
Current assets: 2,679
Current liabilities: 2,368
Equity capital: 1,287
Share capital: 400
Number of employees: 2

Financial ratios

Solvency: 35.2%
Turnover per employee: 2,224
Profitability: -1.3%
Return on equity (ROE): -4.6%
Current ratio: 113.1%
Return on assets (ROA): -0.3%