AJ Produkter AB

Carlo Casagrande & Co Oy

PL 155
FI-00811 Helsinki
Visiting address: Liikkalankuja 6, Helsinki
Municipality: Helsinki
County: Southern Finland
Telephone: +358 (0)9755131
Fax: +358 (0)975513355

Company info

Business ID:0696783-7
VAT No :FI06967837
Turnover (×1000) EUR:15,099
Number of employees:37
Chairman of the board:Christine Andersson
CEO:Christine Andersson
Marketing:Christer Andersson
Finances:Christine Andersson
Purchases:Micaela Andersson-Rosa
Personnel:Elise Valander

Company description


Wholesaler/ Distributor

To our product – range belongs components and supplies for the furniture – and fittings industry (furniture – doors and mountings), products for the electronic industry (ferrites, capacitors) and semi – finished material and raw material for the electricity industry (Cu – cables and resins)