Askalon AB
Nolgårdsvägen 11
SE-663 41 Hammarö
Municipality: Hammaro
County: Värmland County
Telephone: +46 (0)54-579200
Fax: +46 (0)54-531851

Company description

Valves - Engineering - Asset Management - Service - Education Askalon serve the process industry in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Company info

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Business ID:556346-6167
VAT No :SE556346616701
Subsidiary company to:Peab Process AB
Turnover (×1000) SEK:144,906
Number of employees:62


Chairman of the board:Kjell Warnqvist
CEO:Mats Warnqvist
Marketing: Access required
Finances: Access required
Technology: Access required
Personnel: Access required

Sales offices

Dals Långed, 054-579233

Herlev, Danmark +4570701275

Stockholm, 08-58025393

Vantaa, Finland +358 207416200

Products and services



Air valves


Automation solutions

Balancing machines

Ball sector valves

Ball valves

Bottom valves

Butterfly valves

Calibration instruments

Calibration services

Calibration systems

Check valves

Choke valves

Clip-on ammeters

Compressed air valves

Computer installations

Computer systemization

Computer systems, installation and service

Constant flow valves

Consulting engineers

Control equipment for monitoring

Control files

Control monitoring systems for rotating machines

Control systems

Control systems, consulting services

Control systems engineering

Control systems engineering software

Control systems for monitoring

Control systems training

Control valves

Conveyor scales

Cooling water filters

Cryo valves

Cut-off valves

Decompression valves

Density meters

Differential pressure regulators

Direct-acting regulators

Eccentric plug valves

Electric actuators

Electric control units

EMC filters

Expansion valves

Explosion-proof electrical equipment

Feed water regulators

Feeder valves

FFT analyzers

Field buses

Flood-control valves

Flow regulators

Gas analyzers

Gas pressure regulators

Gas valves


Globe valves

High-pressure valves

Hydraulic servo valves

Hydraulic valves

Inductive sensors

Industrial computers

Industrial terminals

Industrial training

Industrial valves

Industry-specific application programs, processing industry

Infrared cameras

Infrared radiators

Instrument valves


I/P transducers

Knife gate valves

Level meters for steam boilers

Liquid analyzers

Low-pressure valves

Machinery for processing industry

Magnetic valves

Maintenance systems

Manometer valves

Measuring practice training

Measuring services

Metering valves

Mixer valves

Monitoring systems

Motion sensors

Motor measuring equipment

Motor-controlled valves

Multi-way valves

Needle valves

Non-return valves

Oil filters

Orifice meters

Overflow valves

Pipe hangers

Pipe rupture valves

Pneumatic actuators

Pneumatic control units

Positional sensors


Pressure regulators

Pressure sensors

Pressure-reducing valves

Process control software

Process control systems

Processing instrumentation

Proximity sensors

Quick-closing valves


Regulators for liquefied gas

Rotation speed switches

Safety valves

Seat valves

Self-operating valves

Service and repair of valves

Slide valves

Sluice valves

Software consultancy and supply

Software for measurement and control

Stainless steel valves

Statistical multiplexers

Steam converters

Steam fixtures

Steam-boiler plants

Stepper motors

Technical applications, computer consultants

Temperature regulators

Temperature sensors

Tool calibration


Ultrasonic equipment

Valve accessories

Valve blocks

Valve equipment

Valve positioner


Valves for food industry

Valves for paper industry

Valves for pharmaceutical industry

Velocity sensors

Very clean valves


Vibration alarms

Vibration analysis

Vibration analyzers

Vibration detectors

Vibration monitoring equipment

Vibration sensors

Vibration test devices

Water valves

Wedge gate valves

Wireless measuring instruments

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Company type


Wholesaler/ Distributor






Fiscal year 201612
Number of months: 12
Turnover: 144,906
Financial expenses: 73
Earnings before taxes: 3,571
Total assets: 58,587
Current assets: 57,451
Current liabilities: 32,084
Equity capital: 25,706
Share capital: 100
Number of employees: 62

Financial ratios

Solvency: 43.9%
Turnover per employee: 2,337
Profitability: 2.5%
Return on equity (ROE): 13.9%
Current ratio: 179.1%
Return on assets (ROA): 6.2%