Anders Lassen
Solvang 25
DK-3450 Allerød
Municipality: Allerod
County: Capital Region of Denmark
Telephone: +45 48143778
Fax: +45 48143483

Company description

Clip-Lok SimPak is a global premium industrial packaging manufacturer. We specialize in transport packaging solutions that reduce customers’ total costs while minimizing environmental impact. We are customer focused and flexible with a constant endeavor to create and refine successful solutions. Clip-Lok provides transport packaging solutions for the Automotive, Security, Energy, Industrial Engineering, Healthcare and other miscellaneous industries. Clip-Lok has been one of the leading providers for transport packaging for more than 30 years. Our strength comes from our capability to continuously produce and develop customized transport packaging solutions that reduce total cost and environmental impact for our customers.

Company info

E-mail: Email
VAT No :DK17406434
Subsidiary company to:Clip-Lok SimPak
Turnover (×1000) DKK:0
Number of employees:3


Chairman of the board:Anders Lassen
CEO:Anders Lassen
Marketing: Access required
Technology: Access required

Sales offices

Sweden, Halmstad, +46 70 23 15 600

Products and services

Battery boxes


Closable plywood boxes

Closable wooden boxes

Open plywood boxes

Open wooden boxes

Packaging solutions

Pallet containers

Plywood box pallets

Plywood packages

Plywood transport containers, minimum 250 l

Reusable packages

Special packages

Steel boxes

Steel containers

Steel pallets

Transport boxes

Transport crates

Transport gearboxes

Transport packages

Wooden box pallets

Wooden boxes

Wooden containers

Wooden interior fittings

Wooden transport containers, minimum 250 l

Alternate keywords

dansk transport emballage





genanvendelig kasse



retur emballage


sammenklappelig kasse

stål kasse




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Fiscal year 201603
Turnover: 0
Earnings before taxes: 0
Total assets: 0
Current assets: 0
Current liabilities: 0
Equity capital: 0
Share capital: 0
Number of employees: 3

Financial ratios

Solvency: NaN%
Turnover per employee: 0
Profitability: NaN%
Return on equity (ROE): NaN%
Current ratio: NaN%