Anboni AB
Lokegatan 1
SE-263 37 Höganäs
Municipality: Hoeganas
County: Skåne County
Telephone: +46 (0)42-352950
Fax: +46 (0)42-352951

Company description

Tillhandahåller utrustning för krossning, siktning, lagring, blandning och fyllning av pulverprodukter. Från enskilda komponenter till hela anläggningar. Projektering av maskinutrustning.

Company info

E-mail: Email
Business ID:556299-5562
VAT No :SE556299556201
Subsidiary company to:Svinbådan AB
Turnover (×1000) SEK:57,746
Number of employees:7


Chairman of the board:Anders Nilsson
CEO:Anders Nilsson
Technology: Access required

Products and services

Additive scales


Air-driven pumps

Ash conveyors

Asphalt filler

Asphalt plants

Automatic bagging machines

Automatic paper bagging machines, powder and granules

Automatic paper sack fillers, powder and granules

Automatic plastic and laminate bagging machines, piece goods

Automatic plastic and laminate bagging machines, powder and granules

Automatic plastic and laminated sack fillers, powder and granules

Automatic scales

Bag filters

Bag machines

Belt conveyors

Big-bag emptiers

Big-bag fillers

Bilge conveyors

Bricklayer's tools

Bucket elevators

Building machinery

Bulk handling

Butterfly valves

Capacitive level controllers

Carrier conveyors

Cartridge filters

Cassette filters

Casting moulds

Cement recycling facilities

Cement scales

Chain conveyors

Coating thickness meters

Components for dosing feeders

Compressed air filters

Compressed air valves

Concrete casting equipment

Concrete control equipment

Concrete distributions systems

Concrete formworks

Concrete machinery

Concrete mixers

Concrete mixing plants

Concrete pumps

Concrete scips

Concrete screws

Concrete spray equipment

Concrete vibrators

Concrete washing equipment

Concrete working machines

Conductive level controllers

Construction machinery

Container scales

Conveyor belts

Conveyor chains

Conveyor scales

Crane scales

Crushing machines

Damper motors

Density meters

Diaphragm pumps

Dosing feeders

Dosing feeders for concrete

Dosing feeders for food industry

Dosing feeders for lime

Dosing pumps

Draught valves


Dust filters


Electric control units

Electrical vibrators

Electronic scales

Filling and packing machinery

Filter bags

Filter cloth

Filter presses

Filters for non-stop filtration


Hood stretch machines for pallet loads

Hose magnets

Hydraulic vibrators

Industrial scales

Intensive mixers


Knife gate valves

Laboratory machines

Laboratory scales

Level controllers

Level meters

Level regulators

Level sensors

Lift forks

Lifting magnets

Machinery for grocery industry

Machinery for processing industry

Magnetic valves


Materials handling equipment

Materials testing devices

Measuring instruments for geophysics

Measuring instruments for silos

Metal separators

Mixer tables

Mixing machines

Packing machines

Paddle mixers

Pallet conveyors

Pallet forks

Pallet scales

Paper bag filling and sealing machines

Paper bag filling and sealing machines, powder and granules

Particle filters

Permanent magnets

Pinch valves

Plastic and laminated bag filling and sealing machines

Plastic and laminated bag filling and sealing machines, pastes

Plastic and laminated bag filling and sealing machines, powder and granules

Pneumatic actuators

Pneumatic components

Pneumatic control units

Pneumatic conveyors

Pneumatic hammers

Pneumatic transport facilities

Pneumatic vibrators

Polishing machines for facade systems

Powder handling equipment

Powder mixers

Process systems

Processing equipment

Processing machines

Production lines

Pug mills

Recycling equipment

Recycling machinery

Recycling of asphalt

Recycling of concrete

Roller conveyors

Rollers for conveyors

Rotary vane feeders

Sack closers

Sack closing machines, bonded seal

Sack closing machines, heat-sealing

Sack closing machines, sewing

Sack closing machines, sewing and taping

Sack compactors

Sack emptiers

Sack fillers

Sack fillers, FFS form-fill-seal

Sack fillers, open sacks

Sack foil equipment

Sack holders

Sack machines

Safety valves

Sand mixing machines

Scraper belt cleaners

Screw conveyors

Sieve cloth

Sieve machines

Sieve nettings


Silo discharge gears

Silo scales


Single leaf dampers

Slide dampers

Smoke filters

Solid materials samplers

Spackle mixers

Steel strainers

Stone crush conveyors

Stone crushers

Strip magnets

Table scales

Tap bagging

Temperature meter

Tensile testers

Thickness gauges

Tube conveyors

Ultrasonic level controllers

Valve sack fillers

Vibrating conveyors

Vibrating earth rollers

Vibrating sieves

Vibrating tables

Vibration equipment

Vibrator converters



Company type


Wholesaler/ Distributor





Fiscal year 201808
Number of months: 12
Turnover: 57,746
Financial expenses: 17
Earnings before taxes: 5,823
Total assets: 15,554
Current assets: 15,554
Current liabilities: 5,352
Equity capital: 9,507
Share capital: 100
Number of employees: 7

Financial ratios

Solvency: 61.1%
Turnover per employee: 8,249
Profitability: 10.1%
Return on equity (ROE): 61.2%
Current ratio: 290.6%
Return on assets (ROA): 37.5%