Ahlsell Sverige AB
SE-117 98 Stockholm
Visiting address:
Årstaängsvägen 11
SE-117 43 Stockholm
Municipality: Stockholm
County: Stockholm County
Telephone: +46 (0)8-6857000
Fax: +46 (0)8-6857096

Company description

Grossistverksamhet inom verktyg & maskiner, VVS, el, industri, VA/bygg, personlig skyddsutrustning och kyl.

Company info

Business ID:556012-9206
VAT No :SE556012920601
Subsidiary company to:Ahlsell Ab (Publ)
Turnover (×1000) SEK:19,338,510
Number of employees:3,289


Chairman of the board:Johan Nilsson
CEO:Claes Seldeby
Marketing: Access required
Finances: Access required
Technology: Access required
Purchases: Access required
Personnel: Access required

Products and services

Abrasive belt grinders

Abrasive paper

Access control systems

Acid-proof fixtures

Acid-proof pipes

Adjustable wrenches

Air pressurestats

Air purifiers

Alkali batteries

Aluminium sheet metal work


Amperehour meters

Analog cameras

Analog transmitters

Angle grinders

Answering machines

Antenna boosters

Antenna cable

Antenna systems


Appliance plugs

Assemblies for construction sites

Audio cable

Audio control systems

Automated warehouses

Automatic fuses

Automatic lathes

Automatic saws

Automatic screw machines

Automatic timers

Automatics electrical equipment

Auxiliary relays

Ball nuts

Ball screws

Ball valves

Barrel pumps

Bath tubs

Bathroom fixtures


Battery cable

Battery chargers

Battery eliminators

Battery holders

Beading machines

Bench grinders


Bending machines

Bending tools

Bilge pumps

Blinker relays


Bordering machines

Borehole pumps

Bottom valves

Box wrenches



Broadband network equipment

Bucket excavators

Building heaters

Building lighting

Bundle and wrapping strapping

Butterfly valves

Cabin heaters


Cable accessories

Cable adjustments

Cable assemblies

Cable bearers

Cable cabinets

Cable chains

Cable clamps

Cable clips

Cable connectors

Cable cutters

Cable drums

Cable ducts

Cable fittings

Cable grommets

Cable groovers

Cable harnesses

Cable ladders

Cable locators

Cable retainers

Cable shoes

Cable sleeves

Cable stockings

Cable support systems

Cable testers

Cable ties

Cable tools

Cable trolleys

Cable trunkings

Cable winders

CAD systems

CAE systems

Cam relays

CAM systems


Capacitive gauges


Capstan lathes

Central vacuum cleaners

Centrifugal pumps


Chemical hose

Choke coils

Chuck wrenches


Circuit breakers

Circular feed table

Circular saws

Circulating pumps

Clamp arbors

Clamp ring couplings

Claw couplings

Cleaning tools

Climbing irons

Clipper tools


Clutching houses

CNC lathes

CNC milling machines

Coaxial cable

Coaxial connectors

Coffee brewers


Colour control, illumination

Combination locks

Component holders

Compressed air connectors

Compressed air fixtures

Compressed air valves

Compressed-air tools

Computer networks

Computer peripheral equipment

Concentration sensors

Conductor joints for fibre optics

Connecting cable

Connection cables

Connector clamps

Connector wire


Connectors for equipment connection

Constant flow valves

Construction screws

Contact boxes

Contact rails


Contractor's scaffolds

Control consoles

Control equipment for monitoring

Control panels

Control valves

Controller and drive systems

Coordinate tables

Copper cable

Copper pipes

Corner-shearing machines


CPU stands

Cracking tools

Cross-cut saw blades

Cross-cutting machines

Current pliers

Current relays

Current supply equipment

Current-loop converters

Cut-off blades

Cut-off saws

Cut-off valves


Cutting fluids

Cutting pliers

Data communications equipment

Data loggers

DC brakes

DC drives

DC/DC converters

Deburring machines

Deep well pumps


Deflashing equipment

Delay relays

Diaphragm pumps

Diaphragm valves

Differential pressure switches

Differential transformers

Digital cameras

Digital instruments

Digital panel instrumentation

Dim glowing lamps

Dirt filters

Discharge lamps


Display panels

Distribution boxes

Diving lamps

Domestic appliances

Domestic water heater

Door entry phones

Dovetail saws

Drain cleaners

Draining pumps

Drill cassettes

Drill chucks

Drill grinding machines

Drilling hammers

Drilling machines


Drive-current switches

Drivers for fluorescent tubes


Earth-leak circuit breakers

Electric actuators

Electric cartridges

Electric clocks

Electric control units

Electric hand grinders

Electric hand tools

Electric heat supply

Electric heating elements

Electric heating equipment

Electric motors

Electric power plants

Electric power supplies

Electric safety testers

Electric screwdrivers

Electric signaling equipment

Electrical cabinets

Electrical cassettes

Electrical conductors

Electrical conduits

Electrical equipment for alarms

Electrical installations

Electrical instruments

Electrical laboratory equipment

Electrical masts

Electrical power station equipment

Electrical sensors

Electricians tape

Electricity meters

Electromagnetic locks

Electromechanical components

Electronic counters

Electronic enclosures

Electronic locks

Electronic measurement equipment

Electronics control boxes

Electronics cooling fans

Electronics insulation

Electronics pliers

EMC technology

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting accumulators

Emergency lighting installation rectifiers

Emergency stops

Enclosures for electronics

End working machines

Energy meters

Equipment boxes

Equipment cabinets

Equipment tripods

Error current relays

Ethernet equipment

European standard connectors

Expansion screws

Explosion-proof electrical equipment

Extension cords

Extension sockets

Extruder screws

Extrusion processing machines

Fan lamps

Female screws

Ferrule connectors

Fibre-optic cable

Fibre-optic communication systems

Fibre-optic couplers

Fibre-optic cross-connectors

Fibre-optic fireproof cable

Fibre-optic jacks

Fibre-optic lighting


Fire alarms

Fire cocks

Fire stops

Fire valves

Fireproof cable

Flange gaskets


Flat cable

Flat cable connectors

Flexible hose

Float switches

Float valves

Floor boxes

Floor heating

Floor heating elements

Floor sanding machines

Flow sensors

Flow switches

Flow-actuated switches


Fluorescent tube accessories

Fluorescent tubes

Fluxes for soldering

Folding machines

Forging tools

Frequency changers

Frequency converters

Frequency meters

Fuel hose

Fuse cabinets

Fuse materials

Fuse panels




Garden lighting

Gas sensors

Gas valves

Gear-cutting machines

Glass reinforced polyester tanks

Globe valves

Greenhouse lighting

Grinding machines


Ground fault relays

Ground terminals

Ground-fault monitors

Grounding rods

Grounding wire

Groundwater pumps

Hair dryers

Halogen lamps

Halogen-free cable

Halogen-free wiring tubes

Hammer drilling machines

Hand dryers

Hand lighting

Handheld electric drilling machines

Handheld searchlights

Handsaw blades

Hearing protection

Heat lamps

Heating boilers

Heating cable

Heating fans

Heating foil

Heating units

Heating, ventilation and sanitary material

High-frequency cable

High-pressure couplings

High-pressure hose

High-speed machine tools

High-speed milling machines

High-temperature cable

High-voltage cable

High-voltage capacitors

High-voltage connecting equipment

High-voltage connectors

High-voltage equipment

High-voltage installation cable

High-voltage supplies

High-voltage switchgears

High-voltage testers

High-voltage transformers

Highway lighting

Hollow punches


Hose clamps

Hose connections

Household vacuum cleaners

Hydraulic hose

Hydraulic presses

Hydraulic tubes

Hydraulic valves

Hydrophore pumps

Ignition transformers

Illumination hoists

Illumination masts

Index tables

Indicator lamps

Indoor lighting

Inductive sensors

Industrial burglar alarms

Industrial hose

Industrial lighting

Industrial tape

Industrial valves

Industrial washing machines

Infrared detectors

Infrared heaters

Infrared sensors

Instrument monitoring consoles

Instrument panels

Insulation removal tools

Intelligent timers


Inverted rectifiers

IR motion detectors

IR receivers

IR transmitters

Irrigation pumps


Junction boxes

Key switches

Knife blades

Knife gate valves


KNX installation systems




Lathe accessories

Lathe centers

Lathe chucks


Lead batteries

LED lighting

Level controllers

Level detectors

Level meters

Level meters for motor fuel tanks

Level meters for oil tanks

Level switches

Light bulbs

Light meters

Light relays

Light signaling equipment

Light sources

Lighting fixtures

Lightning conductors

Limit switches

Lithium batteries

Load switches

Load-limiting devices

Lock boxes

Low-energy lamps

Low-voltage cable

Low-voltage connecting equipment

Low-voltage illumination

Low-voltage installation cable

Low-voltage switchgears

Low-voltage wiring

Machine guards

Machine rebuilding

Machine screws

Machine tools

Machine-shop tools


Magnetic drilling machines

Magnetic tables

Magnetic valves

Maintenance battery chargers

Manganese oxide batteries

Manometer valves


Marking equipment

Marking machines

Marking signs

Marking tape

Material for electrical installation

Measurement transformers

Measuring instruments

Mechanical and hydraulic cutters

Messaging systems for telephones

Metal saws

Metal work, subcontracting



Micro switches

Milling chucks

Milling cutter head grinders

Milling machines

Miniature relays


Mini-load warehouses

Mobile telephones

Monitoring equipment

Motor controllers

Motor protectors

Motor-controlled valves

Multi-operation machines

Multi-operation processing

Multi-spindle drilling machines

Multi-way valves

Nail guns

Needle valves

Net monitor relays

Nickel cadmium batteries

Nickel hydride batteries

Non-return valves

Non-stabilized AC power supplies

Non-stabilized DC power supplies

Numerically controlled machine tools

Ohm meters

Oil boilers

Oil hose

Oil tanks

Oil valves

Operating relays

Optical gauges

Outdoor lighting

Over voltage detector

Over voltage sink

Overfill protection

Overload protectors

Overvoltage protection

Parabolic antennas

Park lighting

Pay phones

Phase advancers

Phase converters

Phase finders

Phase sequence indicators

Photo sensors

Pipe assembly tools

Pipe bending machines

Pipe clamps

Pipe cleaning equipment

Pipe collaring machines

Pipe fittings

Pipe processing machines

Pipe rinsing facilities

Pipe tongs


Piping fixtures

Plastic hose

Plastic pipes

Plastic water and drainage systems

Plastic water hose

Plate bending machines

Plate-shearing machines

PLC equipment

PLC systems



Plumbers snake

Plumbing articles


Pneumatic actuators

Pneumatic components


Polishing grinders

Polishing machines

Polyethylene pipes

Polyurethane cable

Porcelain sanitary fixtures

Power cable

Power connectors

Power connectors, multiway sockets

Power cord racks

Power distribution components

Power distribution systems

Power indicators

Power outlets

Power poles

Power relays

Power station monitoring equipment

Power supplies

Power switches

Precision fuses


Pressing tools

Pressure gauges

Pressure sensors

Pressure-reducing valves

Printed circuit card clamps

Profile bending machines

Programmable controller systems

Programming equipment

Protective clothing

Protective glasses

Protective helmets

Protective transformers

Proximity sensors


Pulse counters

Pulse relays

Pumping stations

Punching machines

Push button boxes

Push buttons

Push-button switches

PVC filters

PVC pipes

Quick connectors

Radial drilling machines

Radiator valves

Rail systems

Railway lighting


Rectifier transformers



Reinforcing bar bending machines

Relay sockets


Remote control systems

Rental of construction machinery

Resetting fuses

Ring bending machines

Ring-core transformers

Road paving

Roller conveyors

Rotary actuators

Rotary switches

Rotating warning lights

Round cable

RPM regulation of electric motors

Rubber hose

Rubber mats

Running time meters

Safety relays

Safety switches

Safety valves

Safety vests

Sanitation fixtures

Sauna fixtures

Sauna installations

Sauna stoves


Screw anchors

Screw clamps

Screw cutting tools

Screw vices




Seat valves

Secondary cells

Second-hand machines

Section iron cutters

Security monitoring equipment

Self-drilling screws

Self-threading screws

Semiconductor fuses

Separating apparatus

Server cabinets

Service lamps

Sewage pumping stations

Sheet metal cutters

Sheet metal forming machines

Sheet metal industry machinery

Shielded cable

Signal cable

Signal lamps

Silicone cable

Single leaf dampers

Single-pole connectors

Single-spindle drilling machines

Slide valves


Slitting saws

Sluice valves

Smoke detectors

Socket elements

Socket pipe fittings

Socket wrench sets

Socket wrenches


Soft starters

Soldering tin


Sound detectors

Sound signaling equipment

Special bolts

Special fans

Special machine tools

Special machines for industry

Special nuts

Spindle bearings

Spiral drills

Spiral hose

Spiral pipes


Sports lighting


Stabilized AC power supplies

Stabilized DC power supplies

Stainless steel pipes

Stainless steel plumbing products

Stainless steel products

Stair towers

Stapling guns

Star-delta switches

Starters for fluorescent lamps

Static converters

Steam accumulators

Steam fixtures

Steam pressurestats

Steel cabinets

Steel cable

Steel cable equipment

Steel frameworks

Steel pipes

Storage boxes


Stripping tools for fibre optics

Submersible pumps

Surface grinding machine

Switch boards

Switchgear clamps


Switch-mode power supplies



Telephone centrals

Telephone installations

Telephone switchboards


Temperature detectors

Temperature meter

Temperature regulators

Temperature relays

Temperature sensors

Temperature-sensitive switches

Terminal blocks

Termination boxes

Thermal relays

Thermostat valves


Thermoswitch cable

Thread cutting machines

Thread tape

Time relays


Timing sources

Toggle switches

Tool boxes

Tool carrying cases

Tool changers

Tool fuses

Tool grinders

Transformer cabinets

Transformer cores


Transforming plants

Transforming sub-stations

Transient distortion

Transient shielding

Transistor relays

Trimming shears

Tube cutting tools

Tube systems

Tubing cleaning systems

Tubing connectors

Tubing cutters

Tumbler dryers

Tungsten carbide drills

Tunnel lighting

TV receivers

Twilight relays

Tying wire

Under voltage detectors

Underwater cable

Underwater lighting

Uninterruptible power supplies

Universal grinders

Universal milling machines

Upright drilling machines

User interface modules

Vacuum valves


Valves for paper industry

V-belt pulleys


Ventilating hose

Video casette recorders

Visibility clothing

Voltage and potential transformers

Voltage changers

Voltage relays

Voltage stabilizers

Voltage testers


Wall sockets

Warehouse management

Warming cabinets

Washing facilities

Washing machines

Waste pipes

Water levels

Water pressurestats

Wedge gate valves

Welded and seamless pipe

Wheel clamps

Wheel conveyors


Wireless telephone systems

Wiring tubes

Wood bits

Wood screws

Wood working machinery

Work arbors

Work clothing

Working gloves

Working place lighting

Company type

Wholesaler/ Distributor


Fiscal year 201812
Number of months: 12
Turnover: 19,338,510
Financial expenses: 11,820
Earnings before taxes: 2,159,406
Total assets: 15,006,560
Current assets: 6,705,462
Current liabilities: 4,684,872
Equity capital: 10,047,240
Share capital: 40,000
Number of employees: 3,289

Financial ratios

Solvency: 67.0%
Turnover per employee: 5,880
Profitability: 11.2%
Return on equity (ROE): 21.5%
Current ratio: 143.1%
Return on assets (ROA): 14.5%